New Release: Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

Urwerk has just released the latest in the UR-200 series: the UR-230 Eagle at Dubai Watch Week 2023.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle on the wrist

The UR-230 Eagle features a CTP carbon case fitted with a hinged cover, aerodynamic lines, a slimmer profile. and the stylized form of a bird of prey, dual variable-geometry turbine, double shock absorber, and a hybrid winding system.

Felix Baumgartner explains that “The UR-230 “Eagle” focuses on performance. The turbines, which are one of our Urwerk signatures, have been further improved. Today we are unveiling a model whose robustness has been boosted by technology.”!

From the press release:

The new UR-230 ‘Eagle’ retains the display concept of the UR-220. It is a sophisticated version of the revolving satellite complication that is Urwerk’s essential signature. On a three-armed carrousel, rotating cubes each carry four hour numerals. They scroll along a 120-degree sector, with the face of the current hour pointing towards the observer.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

To display the minutes, these display cubes are embedded in an aluminum 3D retrograde hand. At the end of its 60-minute journey, this skeletonized hand returns to index 0, where it takes charge of the cube displaying the next hour.



Martin Frei, artistic director and cofounder of URWERK says: “We are proud to present the UR-230, the latest addition to our iconic series 200 launched in 2006 – 2007 with the introduction of the UR-201 ‘Hammerhead’. Since then, our unceasing quest for innovation has led us to rethink this collection while preserving its energy, its strength. We have evolved the concept, the elegance of the predator, but in a different context. We have created ‘the Maltese Falcon’ and ‘the Pilgrim’, watches akin to a bird of prey with their powerful retrograde system. Today, we reveal our UR-230 ‘Eagle’. This new UR-230 features a complex half-hunter case (with protective cover) crafted from finely layered carbon. The UR-230 is both lightweight and robust. It deserves to bear the name of the king of the skies.”

Air flow

In addition to this time display, the UR-230 “Eagle” showcases new functions. Urwerk has developed a world-first set of shock absorbers designed to protect the new UR-7.30 caliber via turbines.

Back of the Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

A first set of turbines is dedicated to attenuating the impact of any external shock, thereby guaranteeing the robustness and durability of the watch.

Dual air winding regulation turbines of the Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

A second set controls the flow of air that feeds the winding system. The strength of this “air brake”, designed to modulate the winding power according to the wearer’s level of activity, is set by a rotating knob on the back of the watch.

Automatic/Manual winding switch of the Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

A second switch opposite the first serves to entirely disengage the rotor. The UR-230 Eagle then switches to manual winding mode.

Air-Brake winding regulation indicator of the Urwerk UR-230 Eagle

The level of adjustment of these two functions is indicated by two symmetrical indicators at 11 and 1 o’clock on the CTP carbon cover.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle on the wrist

Heart and body

The UR-230 “Eagle” also features the same case design as the UR-200 collection. A trapeze shape with a pronounced elongation towards the 6 o’clock position, a staggered layout around the sapphire apertures, a crown at 12 o’clock and clever management of acute and softened angles: the UR-230 “Eagle” asserts its fundamentally Urwerk nature.

Its case is once again made from CTP carbon, the material offering the best weight/stiffness/graphic effect ratio.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle lume

Black, light, and rigid, this carbon is machined in superimposed layers, pressure-bonded at high temperatures. The resulting block is then worked into the mass, following a pattern that reveals the layers in a regular, controlled geometric pattern. The back is made of grooved and perfectly dermo-compatible black DLC titanium.

Inside the case, the UR-230 ‘Eagle’ encloses its UR-7.30 caliber in a hermetically sealed container resembling a strongbox.



Beak and talons

UR-230 ‘Eagle’ features a cover that lifts 90 degrees to reveal the entire satellite system. The purpose of this cover is to protect the sapphire crystal.

Urwerk UR-230 Eagle with cover open and closed

We created a shock-proof protection for the movement and another for the sapphire crystal”, explains Felix Baumgartner. “This cover created a whole host of technical difficulties for adjusting and connecting the cover and case designs. The brake system was also tested and adjusted until we were completely satisfied.”

It too is made from CTP carbon mixed with titanium. A beak-shaped edge provides a finger grip, enabling it to be lifted. When closing it, a braking device slows its travel so that it rests gently on the sapphire crystal and then clips into place. Like an eagle whose talons seize its prey in mid-flight, it is silent and impressively accurate.

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Quick facts: Urwerk UR-230 Eagle
Indications: wandering hours, 3D retrograde minutes
Case: Black DLC-treated titanium and Carbon CTP (Carbon Thin Ply) – 318 layers
Dimensions: 44.81 mm; length: 53.55 mm; thickness: 18.38 mm
Movement:  Caliber UR-7.30, automatic winding with manual wind option, air brake winding regulation, winding status (on/off)
Power reserve: 48 hours
Water resistance: 30-meters
Strap: Vulcarbonied© rubber, “Kiska” reference with black DLC-treated buckle; Velcro fastening
Limitation: 35 pieces
Price: 180,000 Swiss francs (excluding taxes)

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  1. dennis
    dennis says:

    It really confounds me when I see engineering marvels like this I always ask myself Why?. To me this is a very complex, and in my opinion, hideous solution to a non-existent problem. Someone must like them because they are still in business. For the kind of money these fetch, a much more distinguished timepiece could be had. I will never understand the lack of refinement some people prefer but who am I to judge.

    • Ian Skellern
      Ian Skellern says:

      It’s worth bearing in mind Dennis that no mechanical watch – or perhaps any type of watch – is necessary, we have the time absolutely everywhere today. All decent mechanical watches are very expensive (it just depends on your disposable income) and technically useless objects, and for those of us like you and me, we all like/love them for different reasons.

      You could say the same thing about the pyramids, the Eiffel Tower, or the Sydney Opera House.

      You opinion about what makes a good watch is no more or less valid than others who gets goose bumps strapping on a Urwerk. Like it or lothe it, the horological world would be much poorer without the likes of Urwerk.

      Regards, Ian

      p.s. Tomorrow I will be posting an article on a presentation I saw at Dubai Watch Week I (and the rest of the packed audience) loved. I think you will enjoy that too and I think the presentation will go a long way in, if not changing your opinion, broadening your respect for ‘useless’ complicated watches like the Urwerk UR-230. I will be very interested in hearing your views after seeing that.

      Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      Regards, Ian


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