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Customer Service: Hotly Debated And Introduced At A Snail’s Pace, The Five-Year Warranty Becomes The New Standard

Good customer service has been a hotly debated topic in the watch industry for decades. The increase in both service intervals and warranty periods is certainly a welcome one, but it does beg the question what changed? In the years leading up to 2015, what dramatic horological advancements were discovered to make longer service intervals possible? Watchmaker Ashton Tracy investigates.

It’s A Date! Taking A Closer Look At The Most Popular Complication Of Them All: The Calendar

Date windows on wristwatches can be a touchy subject. Many feel they are downright ugly and destroy the look of a good watch, while others swear by them as the most useful and affordable complication. Whatever camp you may be in, the date function can be the cause of considerable grief, particularly the rapid set mechanism.

Independent Watchmaking: A New Trend Or Just A Trendy Term?

The word “independent” is used frequently in connection with watchmakers and brands that couldn’t be more different in their scope; and we seem to be seeing more “independent watchmakers” and “independent niche brands” pop up. In this new age of “independents” how can we determine who actually is and who isn’t (but claims to be) independent?

Vintage Watch Restoration: Should You Or Not? A Guide To The Oft-Controversial World Of Making Things Worse By Trying To Make Them Better

Deciding whether or not to restore a vintage watch is a tough decision to make. The internet is awash with tales of watches butchered by an incompetent independent watchmaker or, worse still, the brand itself. Even more confusing is deciding which options offered should be accepted. Refinish the case? Change the hands? Replace the crystal? Here is some help for you.