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The Times, They Are A Changin’ At SIHH And Why That Matters: Observations From A Third-Timer

Łukasz Doskocz has no problem being quite frank with anyone when it comes to watches: he enjoys every watch fair and looks forward to seeing what comes next. This year, unlike the years before, it seems to him as if brands have started to listen to collectors, finally appreciating what we want for our money. Which is why the SIHH 2018 mattered to him greatly . . . well, that and a few other things.

What’s So Special About Independent Watchmakers?

Whenever I think about a watch made by an independent watchmaker, a certain recollection comes to mind – one that could explain my passion for timepieces created by masters with diminutive production but gargantuan horological expertise. This particular story involves a watch brand, a trip to Switzerland, and what is normally a very casual thing: lunch.