Visiting Wunderkind Independent Watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin In Moscow (Video)

The Watches TV visited independent watchmaking Konstantin Chaykin at his home workshop in Moscow. This 16-minute video begins with a quick walkthrough of a museum in the Kremlin that showcases historical clocks from all over Europe.

It is important to note that while Chaykin – like so many watchmakers – was inspired by classic watchmaking, he has been able to forge his own very individual path. In other words, it is at times hard to see the “classic” roots in his watches, but it’s good to know they’re there.

Chaykin is not a classically trained watchmaker; he studied radio communications, completing his university degree in 1994. His library became his watchmaking school as The Watches TV’s Marc André Deschoux found out (Russia has no dedicated watchmaking school).

Chaykin is a member of the AHCI and has filed 70 patents – and is now the president of this prestigious association of independent watchmakers.

Today, Chaykin and his team of about 20 produce around 150 watches each year (compared to only ten in 2013!), with the Joker presented in 2017 having really accelerated the technician’s output. See more about the Joker in Why I Bought It: Konstantin Chaykin Joker.

The Watches TV goes through Chaykin’s notable watches with him during this video – and not just the Joker, but also the Genius Temporis and the Cinema, among others, as well as some of his clocks like the Moscow Comptus Easter Clock.

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  1. Gil
    Gil says:

    As a relative newcomer to Q&P I don’t know if you’ve had a link to The Watches TV for a while, but it’s a good match and I find Mr Deschoux very likeable, so keep it going!

    Love the Chaykin Levitas – unlike Cartier’s Mystery pieces it’s somewhat affordable.


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