Tutima Patria Small Second: Perfection In Pink

When Tutima merges two models, perfection is just around the corner.

The Tutima Patria Small Second is an almost unique proposition. This starts with the fact that it is proudly made in Germany, which makes the mind of any watch enthusiast immediately zoom in on Glashütte. Here brands like A. Lange & Söhne, Nomos, and Glashütte Original perpetuate the tradition of German watchmaking.

Tutima Patria Admiral Blue

Tutima’s contribution to Glashütte’s illustrious history started in 1927 with the production of the first wristwatches signed with this name. It was the brainchild of Dr. Ernst Kurtz, chairman and managing director of Uhren-Rohwerke-Fabrik Glashütte AG (UROFA) and Uhrenfabrik Glashütte AG (UFAG), who saw a bright future for wristwatches and courageously took on his Swiss competitors.

He proved right on both counts as wristwatches soon dominated the market for watches. And Tutima’s products could stand their ground against any competition, Swiss or otherwise.

Tutima Patria Admiral Blue

Movement derived from the Tutima Hommage Minute Repeater

Being made in Germany does give watches a slightly different character. It is not that you get a completely different product, but in comparing Swiss, German, and Japanese mechanical watches from the same category and price range, it is easy to notice the distinctive approaches.

While Tutima is known for its exceptional sports chronographs and diving watches, the style of the Patria moves more in the direction of Tutima’s neighbor, A. Lange & Söhne. Caliber 617, which powers this Small Second model of the Patria collection, has an interesting background as it derives from the first minute repeater made entirely in Germany, the Tutima Hommage Minute Repeater. This watch was launched in 2011 to mark the brand’s return to Glashütte.

Tutima Hommage Minute Repeater on the wrist

Tutima Hommage Minute Repeater on the wrist

The reason behind this return was that just before the end of World War II Dr. Kurtz was able to relocate to West Germany. While his beloved Glashütte disappeared behind the Iron Curtain, he successfully rebuilt Tutima from the ground up in the west. When Germany was reunited in 1989, Tutima was eager to return but couldn’t secure a proper location until 2005, starting production in 2008 and officially inaugurating its new manufacture in 2011.

The Glashütte roots of the Hommage Minute Repeater go further than just being made there as its movement was designed by Rolf Lang, formerly of A. Lange & Söhne and father of AHCI member Marco Lang.

Tutima manufacture Caliber 617

Not many brands first present a complex minute repeater only to then distill it back to its essentials to power a three-handed, time-only watch. This, however, makes Caliber 617 no less of a German jewel: it features the Glashütte three-quarter plate, gold chatons for three of the ruby bearings, and the traditional sunburst finish on the ratchet wheels. While this movement oozes beauty it also looks robust, and that is something it has in common with the front of the watch (and historical movements from Glashütte).

Tutima Patria Admiral Blue

Merger of the best

This new addition to the Patria collection merges two watches that already existed: the pink gold Patria version with opaline dial and the beautiful blue dial of the stainless steel model.

There is something about the mix of deep blue with pink gold that provides a rich look that is not overpowering as both hues complement each other in the most elegant of ways. But the Patria Small Seconds remains an imposing timepiece as well thanks to its diameter of 43 mm, which is rather large for a timepiece with this type of dress watch character.

Tutima Patria Admiral Blue

With the ingenuity of a less-is-more design, Tutima underscores the classic nature of the Patria and makes it so that you don’t want it to be smaller as there is simply more goodness to enjoy. While the stainless steel version with blue dial has long been my favorite, the combination with pink gold is simply too good to pass up.

For more information, please visit https://tutima.com/watch/small-second-6600-03.

Quick Facts Tutima Patria Admiral Blue
Case: 43 x 11.2 mm, pink gold
Movement: manually wound manufacture Caliber 617 with screw balance, 3 Hz/21,600 vph frequency, power reserve 65 hours, Glashütte three-quarter plate
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds
Price: $21,000


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  1. Tam O' Banter
    Tam O' Banter says:

    This is a strong-but-elegant design with two flaws.
    It is too large. It is pink.
    Release this at 40mm in steel or white gold and you have a real winner.

    • Chris Launder
      Chris Launder says:

      Agree , I was really enthusiastic until I read the diameter , a big bulky dress watch is an oxymoron .


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