The Future Of Watchmaking Is Young, Audacious, And Independent! Watches TV Dinner With Young Independent Watchmakers

Santa came early for me this year with this fun casual dinner that Watches TV founder Marc André Deschoux hosted for young independent watchmakers.

Dinner guests included Florian Bédat and Gaël Petermann (Petermann Bédat), Théo Auffret (Auffret Paris), Bernard van Ormelingen (Bernies), Julian Tixier, Rémy Cools, Xhevdet Rexhepi, Simon Brette, Vincent Deprez, Raúl Pagès, and Sylvain Pinaud, with cameos by Rexhep Rexhepi and François-Paul Journe.

It was one of the most pleasurable short clips I’ve seen all year. You feel as though you are at the table with them and you can smell the raclette.

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