Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Zebra Unique Piece Featuring First In-House Micro-Rotor Caliber K.33.3 Movement

 There are very few wristwatches in the entire history of horology that can genuinely described as iconic. And the subset of those less than ten years old and created by a niche independent number just one: Konstantin Chaykin’s Wristmon, which launched in 2017 in the form of his irreverent googled-eyed Joker.

Konstantin Chaykin Wristmons

Chaykin’s Joker evolved into many variations and complications – see Encyclopedia of Konstantin Chaykin’s Wristmons: As Comprehensive a List as Possible and a Photofest of Fun! – but until now, they were all powered by either ETA or Vaucher movements.

Konstantin Chaykin

Chaykin has now designed, developed, and manufactured his own automatic movement, caliber K.33.3, which features a tungsten micro-rotor that enables the movement, and therefore the watch, to be as slim as possible. Not surprisingly for one of the most creative of horological inventors, caliber K.33.3 has three patents pending for innovations he has come up with.

Konstantin Chaykin Zebra Wristmon

The Caliber K.33.3 movement debuts in a unique piece Wristmon called the Zebra, its design inspired by Marty, a character voiced by Chris Rock in the animated film Madagascar.

Konstantin Chaykin Zebra Wristmon

The design of the Zebra follows that of Chaykin’s 2021 Minotaur model, with the eyes (subdials) of the banded equine displaying hours and minutes, and the nostrils displaying the day of the week that have magnifying lenses to maximize legibility.



To enhance visual appeal, the dial strips are three-dimensional in what Chaykin describes as high-relief guilloche. The letters Z-E-B-R-A are engraved around the bezel.

Konstantin Chaykin Zebra Wristmon

The lugs at the top of the case take the form of the ears of the Zebra, and the crown is neatly positioned between the bottom lugs so as not to break the symmetry of the design.

Konstantin Chaykin Zebra Wristmon

And there’s also a new complication: a crown position indicator. When the crown is pulled out, the Zebra smile at 6 o’clock changes from white to red and looks like it’s showing its tongue.

Top of the Konstantin Chaykin caliber K.33.3 micro-rotor automatic movement

The new micro-rotor movement shares design details with Chaykin’s manual wind caliber K.01 movement, including his Pac-Man style regulator fine-tuning device that adjusts the effective length of the balance hairspring.

Back of the Konstantin Chaykin caliber K.33.3 micro-rotor automatic movement

While real zebras are black with white stripes, the Zebra watch is a mix of both black and white stripes. The case is white (stainless steel) with black carbon fiber inserts in the bezel. The calfskin leather strap is black with white stripes, and the dial alternates distinctive white and black stripes.

Konstantin Chaykin Zebra Wristmon

For more information, please visit https://chaykin.ru/en/watches/wristmons/zebra/

Quick facts: Konstantin Chaykin Zebra
Indications: hours, minutes, day of the week, and crown position indicator
Dial: high-relief guilloche, multilayer lacquer coating, precision pad printing
Case: stainless steel, sapphire crystal display back
Dimensions: 40 mm diameter x 11.7 mm high
Movement: in-house caliber K.33.3 automatic movement with tungsten micro-rotor, 3 Hz/21,600 vph,
Strap and clasp: calfskin leather, manufacture clasp
Limitation: unique piece
Price: not disclosed

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