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The Fusée And Chain: From Function To Fashion In 4 Wristwatches From A. Lange & Söhne, Breguet, Zenith, And Romain Gauthier

Uneven power delivery is a dilemma that watchmakers have always faced, causing a continual challenge to find the perfect micro-mechanical solution. One of the solutions in the search for constant force in the seventeenth century was the chain and fusée. But what’s it doing in some modern watches?

Modern Horological Times And Practices Are Likely Much Worse Than You Think: A Reflection

In the society we live in, a society of technology-driven mass production and digital revolution, Derek Weinberg reflects on how a mechanical timepiece has evolved from a functional object serving as a faithful companion in a busy life to a collectible object satisfying its owner from behind a pane of glass.