Cover of "Cartier Magician High Jewelry and Precious Objects" by François Chaille

Book Review: ‘Cartier Magician: High Jewelry And Precious Objects’

‘Cartier Magician: High Jewelry and Precious Objects’ is a book is dedicated to a new collection of high jewelry and precious objects called Cartier Magicien. It is a stunningly illustrated book and the photos and text are equally as good and enchanting. This is well worth a look!

"Fine Watchmaking" Trivial Pursuit by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie

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‘Chronographs For Collectors’ By Sébastien Chaulmontet And Joël Pynson

Book Review: ‘Chronographs For Collectors’ By Sébastien Chaulmontet And Joël Pynson

Vintage timepieces are a hot topic right now. But that is not the reason that Sébastien Chaulmontet and Joël Pynson chose to write and publish a book on vintage chronographs: Vintage chronographs, one might say, is their thing. And spreading their love of these objects and their knowledge of them is the sole purpose of this book. And it shows!

George Daniels

Book Review: ‘George Daniels, A Master Watchmaker & His Art’ By Michael Clerizo

George Daniels is a polarizing and fascinating figure. Several years ago, Michael Clerizo took it upon himself to spend the amount of time with Daniels needed in order to write a detailed book about his life, and the outcome is a pure joy to read with well thought-out words, logical organization, and gorgeous photos. I heartily recommend this tome to anyone interested in horology, and as a holiday gift as well!

Brigitte, Nathalie and Elizabeth admiring the graphics in ‘The Magic of Watches’ by Louis Nardin

Book Review: ‘The Magic Of Watches’ By Louis Nardin

What strikes me again and again about Louis Nardin is his enviable energy and passion for the subject of watchmaking. ‘The Magic of Watches’ is one of the best books on the subject: it is written in easy, clear, and down-to-earth language. This would surely make for the perfect holiday gift.

‘The Wristwatch Handbook’ By Ryan Schmidt

Book Review: ‘The Wristwatch Handbook’ By Ryan Schmidt

Fans of the art of watchmaking are in luck: not only can they read a beautifully written and comprehensive overview of what goes into the making of a watch. Ryan Schmidt is a newly engrossed watch enthusiast – and his enthusiasm and knowledge permeates the tone of his book, a comprehensive tome called ‘The Wristwatch Handbook.’

"Impressions", a of impressions about the Glashutte Original manufactory

‘Impressions’: The Somewhat Different Book About A Glashütte Brand

Quite a while ago I was approached regarding an interesting project by my friend Anders Modig, who was in the throes of planning a large book project with the rather creative marketing and PR team at Glashütte Original. The book was to be a large compendium of, well, impressions of Glashütte Original by authors from ten different countries. And it was to be called ‘Impressions.’ So what’s it about?

Breguet, The Story of a Passion 1973 – 1987

Book Review: ‘Breguet, Story Of A Passion 1973 – 1987’

This fascinating book closely examines a crucial 15 years in the life of the long, long career of Breguet, the brand. This is the unadulterated story of how the modern Breguet brand was created after the Chaumet brothers, Jacques and Pierre, acquired it in 1970 “for a modest sum.”

From the book ‘Horlogerie d’Art’ about Kari Voutilainen by Theodore Diehl

Book Review: ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’

“Työ puhuu puolestaan.” This Finnish proverb means, “A man is valued by his work, not his words.” And it most definitely characterizes the introverted, Finnish master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen to the proverbial tee. ‘Kari Voutilainen Horlogerie d’Art’ is an epic book written by Theodore Diehl that would make a perfect gift for the horophile in your life!

Cover of the book '‘The Artists of Time’, chronicling the history of Vacheron Constantin

Book Review: ‘Vacheron Constantin Artists Of Time’

During the launch of the bombastic Reference 57260 on September 17, 2015, Vacheron Constantin launched a second rhapsodic item: the truly encyclopedic oeuvre ‘Artists Of Time.’ This beautifully photographed 456-page tome takes an extensive look at both the inner workings of Vacheron Constantin’s craftsmanship and its grandiose history, telling the whole story of the only Swiss watchmaker to have been in continuous operation for 260 years.