In Praise Of Anchovies: If You Don’t Already Love Them, You Just Haven’t Yet Discovered How Good They Can Be

For many people, anchovies are one of those foods to be avoided like the plague. But for Ken Gargett anchovies are not a love-it-or-hate it food. Rather, they are a love-it-or-you-have-not-discovered-how-good-they-can-be food. A lunch of a freshly baked loaf of hot, crusty bread smothered in good quality anchovies is just magic. Here he takes you on an aquatic journey through the culinary aspects of this small fish.

Vintage Jaeger "Panda dial 4 ATM"

The Number Of Jewels In A Watch Movement Indicates Value, Or Does It It? A Myth Debunked – Reprise

Does anyone really care how many jewels their watch has? Watchmaker Ashton Tracy thinks that you’d be surprised how many people do as they’ve been duped by a vintage practice of announcing the amount of movement jewels on watch dials. What is the real story here?

To’ak Chocolate: If Not The Best Chocolate In The World, It’s A Worthy Contender (Also For The Most Expensive!) – Reprise

To’ak makes chocolate, but not as you know it. This is manna from heaven, or perhaps chocolate from angels. Ken Gargett takes a deep dive into what is quite possibly the world’s finest chocolate.

10 Omega Watches On Olympic Wrists At The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games

With the 2020/2021 Olympic Games now in the (record) books, Nick Gould and Elizabeth Doerr can look back on a record number of watch spots for one event – but they certainly didn’t flag up every single watch they noticed. Here Elizabeth shares a listing of ten athletes at the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games who wore watches while competing by Omega, the official sponsor of the Olympic Games.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Perpetual Calendar Reference 5740 on the wrist

Perpetual Calendars: What They Do, What Most Of Them Don’t Do, And A Few Of The Best – Reprise

Chris Malburg highlights some of the finest examples of perpetual calendar watches today and dives into their history.

Penfolds Collection 2021 And New Superblends With Tasting Notes

Penfolds has recently launched the annual release of its wines, which the winemaker calls “the Collection,” and a couple of stellar new wines have joined the fold: the Superblends. However, it’s the Grange that everyone wants to try, and Ken Gargett does. Luckily for us he tastes everything else too!

Glenfiddich Grand Cru: Floral Notes From An Unexpected Source – Reprise

Glenfiddich Grand Cru is a malt that is finely crafted and utterly superb according to Ken Gargett. Whether it offers value for money is up to each individual, but he thinks that there is no question that it’s a really lovely whisky with some unexpected notes.

What I Learned During Quarantine: Flash Shooting With The Hasselblad X1D II And Godox V1 Flash – Reprise

From the torrent of really well done watch photos appearing on Instagram and other media these days, it appears as though lots of watch enthusiasts have been spending at least some of their time in COVID-19-induced shutdowns polishing their macro photography and wrist shooting. And GaryG is among them. Here he shares a few of the thousands of photos he has taken recently using a new-to-him flash style.

‘Radium Girls’ By Tom Morello And The Bloody Beetroots: Danceable Punk Infused With Magnificent Guitar And Horological History

The lead single from the new collaborative album by Tom Morello and The Bloody Beetroots is called “Radium Girls,” and its lyrics cannot be mistaken for anything other than what they are: a tribute to watchmaking’s Radium Girls. And Elizabeth Doerr is enamored of the music, too. Give it a listen!

Fino Viña Corrales Pago Balbaína: A Phenomenal Sherry!

Fino Viña Corrales Pago Balbaína is phenomenal sherry. Ken Gargett thinks that it is not simply an aperitif or simple quaffer, but a serious wine that should take its place at the table as a great white deserves. Here he gives us some history and tasting notes on the exceptional Spanish white.