Singleton 40-Year-Old Malt Whisky: a Truly Majestic Malt

Singleton 40-Year-Old Malt Whisky in Ken Gargett’s opinion is alluringly mellow but with undoubted power, there is amazing length. If a hedonistic malt is your thing, then you will find this a majestic malt.

Tim Mosso visits the New York International Auto Show 2024 (Before it Fades Away): It’s a High-Low-and-No Octane Photofest (Part 1)

When Tim Mosso first attended the NY show in ‘98, he was a 13-year-old kid in awe of the spectacle. Its sheer scale was stunning. But the world is changing and he learns what a difference 26 years makes.

Coloring Watches: PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) and ALD (Atomic Layer Deposition)

There are two key technologies used for the coloration of luxury watches and movements, PVD and ALD. Sergio Galanti takes a quick look at color treatments.

IWC has Ceramic in its History and Today in its Pilot’s Watch collection

IWC has a long history with ceramic cases and today they are usually found in the brand’s Big Pilot^s Watch collection.

Fitting Rolex balance wheel and Parachrom hairspring

Hairsprings: Origins, Progress, and (Dare I Say) Exciting Future

The tiny, delicate, nearly impossible-to-create hairspring is the one of the biggest advances for modern scientific technology there is. Here Joshua Munchow takes a dive into the muscle of the beating heart of most mechanical watches: the hairspring.

Bilancia ‘La Collina’: Sensational Syrah Wine from Gimblett Gravels in Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

The gem in the Bilancia wine treasury is six hectares known as Roy’s Hill. This is where the Syrah vineyard known as La Collina is planted. And in Ken Gargett’s opinion, it is sensational!

Chivas Regal Ultis XX: A Blended Whisky to Rival Great Single Malts

In Ken Gargett’s opinion, the Chivas Ultis XX exhibits a depth and complexity that puts to rest any argument that blended whiskies cannot sit with the finest malts. We have a burnished orange colour. The aromas move through toffee and cinnamon, vanilla and red apples, caramel, cigar box and more. Balanced, mellow, complex and ever so long, this is a gorgeous whisky.

How a Mechanical Watch Works with Simple to Understand Animations

In theory, a mechanical watch is very simple: it’s ‘simply’ a spring (the mainspring) unwinding at a constant rate with hands attached to gears that rotate as the spring unwinds. Easy! Ian Skellern highly recommends anyone at all interested in mechanical watches to watch this video as it clearly highlights how a mechanical watch works.

In Praise of Great Mezcal: All Tequila is Mezcal, But Not All Mezcal is Tequila (and Avoid the Worm)

Interest in mezcal has exploded in markets like the United States. Others have been a little slower to get on board but it is happening. And that is thanks to the top shelf, artisanal craft efforts. Here Ken Gargett takes a deep dive into mezcal and warns off drinking the bottles with a worm.

A teacher’s influence: Ming Thein’s photo of the MING 17.01

How To – And Not To – Photograph A Watch

GaryG has the pleasure of being able to set aside other priorities on a regular basis and immerse himself in the world of macro watch photography. Along the way, he has been asked by a number of people to reveal techniques that he uses to create the images you see in his article and here he shares some of his tips.