You Know You’re A Watch Guy Or Gal If . . .

We horophiles are pretty unique people. And we have some pretty unique traits and habits.

In the theme of Jeff Foxworthy and his “you might be a redneck if” routine, I’d like to poke a little fun at our WIS brothers and sisters as well as ourselves.

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you meet someone for the first time and you know what watch they’re wearing before you even get their name!

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you’re in a crowded environment and you keep elbowing your buddy to point out what watches everyone else is wearing!

 You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you’re seven feet from Boris Becker at the SIHH and have no idea who he is or why people are crowding around him and just then Kurt Klaus strolls by and you rush over ask him to sign your latest copy of iW! (Yes, this actually happened to me back in 2004. He thought I was nuts!)

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . after asking your colleagues which deli they want to head to for lunch they reply, “You know, the one close to the A. Lange & Söhne boutique so we can eat quickly then go drool over some watches afterward!”

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you choose which outfit you’re going to wear based on the watch you’ve chosen for the day!

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . when you hear the word pallet you don’t think of art.

. . . when you hear the word crown you don’t think of royal headwear.

. . . when you hear the word balance you don’t think of a seesaw.

. . . when you hear the word rotor you don’t think of car brakes.

You know you re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you only buy belts and shoes that match the straps of your watches!

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you refer to watches by their actual reference numbers!

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . your watch collection is worth three times more than your car!

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you know the definition and pronunciation of WIS!

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you know that GTG doesn’t stand for “good to go!”

You know you’re a watch guy if . . . at a restaurant you photograph everyone's watches but not the food

You know you’re a watch guy if . . . at a restaurant you photograph everyone’s watches but not the food

While doing a little poking around in the Internet, I found a few other “You know you’re a watch guy if . . . ” posts. Here are some of the best that I found:

You know you’re a watch guy if . . .

. . . you’re someone who believes the Roman numeral 4 is written “IIII” (posted by Jaeger on TimeZone).

. . . you take off your watch before sex (posted by Randy Cole on TimeZone).

. . . you think that Ferraris are made by Girard-Perregaux and wonder why Porsches are made by so many different companies (posted by Randy Cole on TimeZone).

. . . you know how to set every watch ever made but have no idea how to make your VCR display anything aside from 12:00 (posted by Randy Cole on TimeZone).

. . . you have a special UV flashlight to charge your lume (posted by drickster on Watchuseek).

. . . when you come home from vacation, you notice that you have more pictures of your watches than you do of your wife and kids on your camera (posted by Jebs on Watchuseek).

Let me know if you can think of any more in the comments!


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    • Jim
      Jim says:

      Hey lets be fair
      I’m a lefti and wear on the right.
      My very first speedmaster’s glass was broken when I hit a door knob.

  1. Nicolas
    Nicolas says:

    … When you keep an eye to your wrist and you don’t care about time, you only think in how great it looks

  2. skydragon8steps
    skydragon8steps says:

    you know you are a watch guy if…… you look at your watch every 15 mins and still have no idea what time it is.

  3. Ryan
    Ryan says:

    All very good and frighteningly I tick pretty much every one! The celebrity one is funny. Entering Time Crafters this year I found myself caught between Patrick Dempsey and his entourage. The whole experience was like a traffic jam, because I could see Felix Baumgartner towering in the distance!

    Also, you know you’re a watch guy when you find yourself finishing the sentences of poor sales reps in boutiques who are trying to recall the details from last month’s training!

  4. Colton
    Colton says:

    3x the value of my car? More like, an additional zero to the price lol (my car is not very nice).

    ..If you intentionally include ‘watch-collector’ to your resume, just in the hopes of it being noticed for the right reason..

  5. koimaster
    koimaster says:

    You might be a WIS…. (Watch Idiot Savant)

    Post by koimaster » June 14th 2010, 7:10pm

    …if you find yourself looking at your watch 6 or 7 times in a row and still don’t know what time it is.

    …if you read a poster on “Back pain” as “Blancpain”

    …if you spend more time switching straps than wearing the watch.

    …if you own more watches than hours in a day.

    …if when you look in a mirror, you look at your watch before you look at your face.

    …if you get to the end of your driveway, then go back in the house to change watches.

    …if you inconspicuously pull your sleeve up to reveal your watch when meeting someone new.

    …if even at K-Mart, you check out the watches.

    …if you rationalize your latest watch purchase with astrology.

    …if you spell relief R.O.L.E.X.

    …if you use your chronograph for…

    – timing a raindrop running down your window.

    – timing the walk to the corner store.
    – timing how long it takes for your dog to “come” from across the park. Then trying to work that out in miles per hour.
    – timing a 15 minute nap.
    …if your watch cost more than your car.

    …if you look at your watch ten times before you see what time it is.

    …if a beautiful woman walks into the room, and you look at her companion’s watch.

    …if people in the office are afraid to ask you the time, because it will take you ten minutes to finish telling them.

    …if you spend longer winding your watches than brushing your teeth each morning.

    …if you are reading this post and feeling guilty.

    …if you check 3T forum before your e-mail at work each morning.

    …if a key purchase decision is how to hide it from your wife.

    …if know the meaning of 7750, 5100, 8926, 3706, 2893, 5513, 992, etc.

    …if you have a separate watch for each day of the week, and another one for evenings.

    …if the only German you can pronounce correctly is “A. Langay unt Zohnay”.

    …if your wife gives you grief for strapping your automatics to the grandson’s legs because you can’t afford an automatic winder.

    …if the jewelry rider on your homeowner’s insurance costs more than the policy on the house.

    …if you know what time advertising directors set watches to before photographing them for an add – and why.

    …if you remember when a Heuer chronograph cost $79.95 from an add in the back of Road & Track (and still kick yourself for not buying one then).

    …if you go in a watch store to browse and end up teaching the salespeople how to set and operate all the chronographs.

    …if every watch and clock in your house is always within 5 seconds of WWV.

    …if you know all the Swiss Cantons but not the capital of USA.

    …if your pets have names like El Primero, Valjoux, and Lemania..

    …if your children are named Patti & Phillipe.

    …if you think the Magna Carta was signed at a quarter past twelve, and not 1215AD.

    …if you believe that Charles I was beheaded at 4:49 in the afternoon.

    …if you think that World War II ended at a quarter to eight in the evening.

    …if you remove your JLC Master in a pub, puts it face down on a (new) beer mat, and shows off the Master Control seal on the back.

  6. Tim
    Tim says:

    … if you watch repeats of old TV series and concentrate more on the watches the characters wear than the plot.

  7. Kiersten
    Kiersten says:

    Hola! I’ve been reading your blog for some time now
    and finally got the bravery to go ahead and give you a shout out from
    Humble Tx! Just wanted to say keep up the excellent job!


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