Don’t Miss These 5 Excellent Talks from Dubai Watch Week

One of the best things about Dubai Watch Week are the presentations, debates, and talks in the Horology Forum. These cover a very wide range of topics and are usually 45 minutes long with time for audience questions at the end.

Here are five that I particularly enjoyed that will hopefully both entertain and educate, as well as give you an idea of the types of diverse topics covered.

*Note that there are up to 5 minutes of blank before the talks begin, I suggest scrolling past that.

Stephen McDonnell developed the Sequential Chronograph for MB&F, which took the top prize of Aiguille d’Or at the 2022 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève.(GPHG). In this presentation, McDonnell explains how he developed the watch and the emotional toll it took on him. If you are so much into the technical aspects, I suggest starting the video at 35 minutes in. I promise you will not be disappointed.

And for the many fans of MB&F, this talk by Max Büsser in which he shares a few of the major hurdles and mistakes he made in MB&F’s sometimes rocky history is sure to please.

As someone extremely unlikely to be involved in a company buyout, I wasn’t expecting this panel to be as interesting and informative as it was. If you have any interest in Czapek, Moser, or De Bethune (or all three), I think you will enjoy Unidentified Funding Object: Navigating Company Buy-Outs, superbly moderated by GaryG.



While Philippe Dufour needs no introduction, his daughter Daniela, who has been working beside him for a couple of years now is still less well known (but that’s changing). In this talk with both Philippe and Daniela, she shares (at times painfully) the hurdles she has faced in growing up as a black person and the daughter of one of, if not THE, most famous living watchmaker.

While I didn’t find George Bamford the most compelling speaker, few could have stood out compared with the razor sharp wit of Nick Foulkes. It’s worth watching this entertaining debate just for Foulkes stream of laugh-out-loud ripostes.

You can see all of the talks from both the 2023 Dubai Watch Week as well as previous years at

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  1. alexandru ioancio
    alexandru ioancio says:

    There is no interview when this extraordinary Danielle is not expressing her skin color. We care more interested in the fact that a normal, ordinary guy cannot access Mr. Doufour in any way she does. Being a fact that she is a daughter of him doesn’t mean anything until not proven otherwise. No heritage, no school left behind .


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