New Release: Sarpaneva Midnight Sun

I’m living in central France, and for me, the worst thing about European winters isn’t the cold, it’s the depressingly short days with little sunlight.

But my days are long compared with those in Scandinavia, where the nights can last nearly 24 hours.

And in the middle of Northern summers, the sun never seems to set, so both in summer and winter it can be difficult to keep track of whether it’s day or night.

Sarpaneva Midnight Sun by day and by night

Finnish independent watchmaker Stepan Sarpaneva has just released a watch that helps you keep track of time no matter how light or dark it looks outside: the Midnight Sun.

Sarpaneva Midnight Sun artwork by Toni Kysenius



From the press release:

When the sun betrays you, you can trust the watch!

Sarpaneva Midnight Sun on the wrist

In the mystical North, the ceaseless summer sun bathes the land in everlasting glare. The boundaries between day and night melt away, leaving the inhabitants forever entangled in the riddle of time.

Sarpaneva Midnight Sun lume shot on the wrist

Is it day or night, reality or a dream?

Sarpaneva Midnight Sun on the wrist

A peculiar device emerged as their salvation – a watch with a 24-hour hand, providing an anchor for those trapped in the maddening dance of endless light.

Sarpaneva Midnight Sun

F1 driver and Northern latitude aficionado Valtteri Bottas contributed to the design of Sarpaneva Midnight Sun.

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Quick facts: Sarpaneva Midnight Sun
Indications: hours, minutes, small seconds, 24-hour hand
Dial: 6 part, 7-8 different hand painted Super-Luminova colors, two tone black hands with Super-Luminova tips
Case: Sarpaneva design, high-grade Outokumpu stainless steel (SUPRA 316L/4435), screw-down Sarpaneva crown at 4 o’clock
Dimensions: 42mm diameter x 11.4mm high
Movement:  modified Swiss made Chronode Caliber P1003, Sarpaneva Moonface automatic winding rotor with ceramic ball bearing, in-house 24-hour complication, frequency 4Hz
Power reserve: 60 hours
Water resistance: 100-meters
Bracelet: stainless steel, Sarpaneva Moonbridge design, satin hand finishing
Limitation: 20 pieces
Price: 19,000 euros (excluding taxes)

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