11 Things You Don’t Know About Tim Mosso

I first saw Tim Mosso in action at the SIHH many years ago. He had just come out of a series of brand presentations and was sitting in a public media booth talking seemingly to himself about all the watches he had seen over the last few hours. I then realized that he’d set up a small camera on a tripod and was recording a video podcast. 

I was mesmerized by the incredible detail, including reference numbers, case metals, case dimensions, complications, outstanding features, things he didn’t like, and much more, that he had memorized – I didn’t see him referring to notes.

I would have been impressed if he was talking in so much detail about just one watch, but as I listened he covered 10 watches, then 20, and I’ve no idea how many he ended up finishing with as I had to go, but he looked as though he could have continued for hours (if not days).

Since then, I’ve seen Tim talking at many horological seminars (he is a very popular panelist at Dubai Watch Week), and have never failed to come away both impressed and having learned much: you cannot help but learn by absorption as he is a fire hose of information.

And as Tim’s YouTube channel has over 100 million views (that’s not a typo), it looks like he has educated and informed a lot more people than just me.

Tim Mosso in a debate at Dubai Watch Week 2023

And it was at Dubai Watch Week 2023 while waiting for a panel hosted by Barbara Palumbo in which Tim and James Dowling ‘debated’ watch collecting, I was talking to Watchbox’s marketing director Caroline Kallman Joffe, about Tim’s seemingly superhuman memory, and she casually mentioned that he would be a perfect subject for an in-depth study. And while I hope to do that in future, I immediately thought of something more lighthearted for Christmas.

That made me think of a segment on Real Time with Bill Maher called “24 Things You Don’t Know About . . .” so I thought I’d have a go (but limited to 10 things).

I should note that more than one of the points below is true. Let us know in the comments below which ones you think they are.



1. Wikipedia backs up its entire website, in all languages, including all photos, to Tim’s brain. They say that it’s safer and more reliable that the cloud, and retrieving information is quicker.

Tim is continually surprised by his over-sized left hand

2. His left hand is twice as big as his right hand and that still sometimes surprises him. It also means that usually wears straps on his watches that go on his left hand because deployant buckles don’t expand enough.

3. Tim’s memory neurons are so numerous and active that you can use him as a Wi-Fi hotspot with a range of up to 30 meters/100 feet. He also syncs with Bluetooth.

4. If you put your phone on his head it will charge – fast charge!

5. Tim knows the reference numbers and launch dates of every wristwatch ever made, but what’s less known is that he also knows the engine and chassis numbers of every American classic car ever made . . . and their color and trim when they left the factory.



6. Tim regularly sells his own watches to update and refresh his collection. However, despite working as media director and watch specialist at Watchbox, publishing over 6,000 YouTube videos about watches, and knowing as much about the watch market as anyone else on earth, he has NEVER made a profit on the sale of any of his own watches. 

Sorry Tim, but you have to go: the US Navy can’t afford for this information to fall into the wrong hands

7. While locked down in Boot Camp for the US Navy, Tim smuggled 200 donuts (heavy on the Bavarian Creams) into the base chapel. ‘Mass’ was uncommonly popular that day. His ruse was ultimately discovered, but the perpetrator was never found. 

8. Unfortunately, Tim was eventually asked to leave the US Navy after his detailed memory of every technical file and operating procedures were deemed too much of a security risk if he fell into enemy hands.

9. Tim likes pocket watches because then he can wear three watches: one on each wrist and one in his pocket.

10. He can memorize the order of 23 shuffled packs of cards . . . without seeing the cards!

Tim Mosso’s bedtime reading

11. Tim reads and memorizes hundreds of blockchain ledgers before going to bed as a sleep aid.


For more watch articles by Tim Mosso, please see https://quillandpad.com/author/tim-mosso/

* Tim Mosso is the media director and watch specialist at Watchbox. You can check out his very comprehensive YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/@WatchBoxStudios/videos

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  1. Nonoyeah
    Nonoyeah says:

    While I look forward to an actual Time in depth article. This poor try at humor or whatever is a cringe worthy waste of time (but I am sure y’all in the office got a chuckle out of it while taking a break from trying to corner the luxury watch market and taking the fun out of trying to buy at retail).

    • Andrew Burns
      Andrew Burns says:

      Always amusing when people suggest what is or isn’t funny – as though they are some objective portal to humor. Typically it’s those with little wit / humor themselves.

      “Nothing is more curious than the almost savage hostility that humor excites in those who lack it.”
      — George Saintsbury

      I thought it hilarious.

      Lighten up on the ombudsman-ing.


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