Three Kinds Of Blue: 3 Cool And Relatively Affordable Limited Edition Watches Under €2,500 From Seiko, Oris, And Union Glashütte

For less than €2,500 you can get a pretty cool watch with an interesting story to tell. But which one: Japanese, German, or Swiss? Jan Lidmaňský highlights three possibilities from Seiko, Union Glashütte, and Oris, each of which might find a home on your wrist, but which would you choose? And why?

Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece Triple Retrograde: Great Looks And Excellent Value

Maurice Lacroix has been making a big comeback over the last few years and, as Martin Green explains, this is largely thanks to offering excellent watches at very competitive prices. Watches like the new Masterpiece Triple Retrograde, which exudes quality and has a smile-inducing case and dial.

Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono: A Timely Arrival To The Steel Sports Watch Party

The Bell & Ross BR 05 Chrono with black or blue dial on rubber strap or integrated steel bracelet is a perfect amalgamation of the most successful details given the Bell & Ross treatment. For Joshua Munchow, this is a great watch that has arrived at the height of the steel sports watch party for maximum fun. And it’s relatively affordable.

Habring2 Jumping Second: Great Looking And (Relatively) Affordable Haute Horlogerie

The Habring2 Jumping Second combines myriad details to make a very elegant watch with a utilitarian touch that is both practical and minimalistic. And as Martin Green notes here, a new strap can make a big difference.

Tutima Flieger Friday Chronograph Limited Edition: From Hashtag To Compelling Pilot’s Watch Rooted In History

The hashtag #fliegerfriday is dedicated to the genre of flieger, or pilot’s, watches posted on social media on Fridays. Tutima, which has a long history in pilot’s watches, asked Bhanu Chopra for some advice on developing a special-edition #fliegerfriday chronograph and together they came up with the Tutima Flieger Friday Chronograph Limited Edition. Here is its compelling story.

Tutima M2 Coastline Pilot’s Watch: A Chronograph Ready For Everything, From Office To Beach

Derived from the historic Reference 798, Tutima’s M2 Coastline chronograph is a heavy-hitter in terms of practicability and wearability. But Bhanu Chopra thinks the blue-dial version is also a perfect casual watch for beach days. And we know it can withstand anything the beach can serve up!

Habring2 Chrono-Felix Panda: Relatively Affordable, Eminently Wearable, In-House Monopusher Chronograph

At only 38.5 mm in diameter and 10.5 mm in height, the Habring2 Chrono-Felix Panda is almost as svelte as its time-only sibling Felix, and the absence of a customary second pusher for the chronograph’s reset function makes it look much lighter than a two-pusher chronograph. Elizabeth Doerr fell in love with this test watch and was sad to send it back after the review; find out why here.

Ming 18.01 H41 And 27.01: Revolution And Evolution

Just when Joshua Munchow thought he was out, Ming Watches pulled him back in! The brand is (still) on a roll with two pieces having been nominated for the final round of the 2020 Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Genève plus a new concept featuring an AgenGraphe chronograph movement by Agenhor. Here Joshua checks out the GPHG contenders, Ming’s 18.01 and 27.01, two very different watches.

Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum: The Little Details Are Lit!

Diver’s watches are meant to be rough, tough tool watches, and limited editions are made to cash in on a model’s popularity. The Bell & Ross BR 03-92 Diver Full Lum is both, yet disproves these paradox presumptions as Martin Green discovered after wearing this watch for a while. What did he think? It’s lit!

Paulin Watches Neo: Affordable Automatic Wristwatches With Serious Design Chops Made In Scotland

The Paulin Watches Neo is fully designed and assembled in Scotland. The dial – the most important part of this watch – was also handmade in Scotland. And those are not the only great things about the affordable, reliable, and well-designed Neo.