Chris Pratt double-wristing Cartiers on the Jimmy Kimmel Show

Wrist Watching: A Cartier Double-Wristed Chris Pratt On Jimmy Kimmel

While watching a recent clip from the Jimmy Kimmel Show, Nick Gould noticed that Chris Pratt was wearing a watch on each wrist – and both from Cartier. On his right wrist was a Calibre de Cartier Chronograph and on the left a Calibre de Cartier Diver. Why would he do that?

Cartier Ceinture

Cartier Ceinture: Largely Ignored, Often Overlooked, And Usually Underestimated

The Cartier Ceinture was named after its case, which is shaped like a belt’s buckle (‘ceinture’ is the French word for belt). This Cartier watch with a very interesting square case featuring corners that appear to be “cut” and an unusual crown to be found nowhere else in the collection is a hidden gem on the market for vintage watches. George Cramer explains why.

Cartier Santos-Dumont large wristshot

The Best-Looking Cartier Santos-Dumont Is As Of 2019 The Most Affordable

At SIHH 2019, George Cramer was pleased to see a stunning new historically inspired Santos-Dumont model in stainless steel. And to his eye it looks even better than the model from the now-defunct Collection Privée Cartier Paris (CPCP) line.

Cartier Tonneau on the wrist

Cartier Revives The Age Of Elegance With The 2019 Tonneau Models

One of the most beautiful things about Cartier is that once it created the perfect watch, the designers pretty much left it alone. Meaning that the whims of fashion did not get a hold on models like the Tonneau – for the simple reason that it transcended fashion. And now a new version arrives in 2019. So what (if anything) has changed to make Martin Green proclaim that it heralds the age of elegance?

Cartier Santos-Dumont 90th Anniversary on the wrist

The World’s First Pilot’s Watch: Cartier Santos-Dumont 1904 To 2018

Here George Cramer looks across more than one hundred years of evolution of what may well be called the world’s first pilot’s wristwatch: the Cartier Santos-Dumont.

Model A Cartier Mystery Clock from 1912 featuring platinum, gold, white agate, rock crystal, sapphires, rose-cut diamonds, enamel

Cartier’s Mystery Clocks: Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

Nineteenth-century French horologist Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin, a man now famous as the father of modern magic, inspired Cartier to begin dabbling in mystery clocks in 1912. And the famous brand has never stopped as a recent exhibition showing 19 historical mystery clocks illustrated.

Cartier Panthère cufflinks in gold

Cartier’s Cufflinks And Watches: Sophistication With A Nicely Personal Touch

Since its very early years, one of Cartier’s strengths aside from jewelry and watches has surprisingly been accessories for men. In fact, cufflinks appeared in Cartier records as far back as 1859. Here George Cramer explores modern and vintage options for a nice personal touch.

Louis Cartier Jumbo on the wrist

The ‘Unknown’ Cartier Tank: The Louis Cartier Jumbo

The Tank Louis Cartier Jumbo, which was available in the 1970s, is the only Tank Louis Cartier equipped with an automatic movement, Caliber 170, However, what really appeals to George Cramer is the Jumbo’s perfect size, coming neatly between the Classic and XL models.

Tom Cruise in in South Korea promoting Mission: Impossible Fallout wearing a Calibre de Cartier Chronograph

Wrist Watching: Tom Cruise’s Press Tour For ‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ Includes Cartier On The Wrist

‘Mission: Impossible Fallout’ is the sixth installment of the Mission Impossible series featuring Hollywood megastar Tom Cruise as Ethan Hunt, an agent for the Impossible Mission Force (aka the IMF). The cast is currently traveling around the world to promote the film, and what brand did Tom Cruise choose to wear on his wrist? Cartier, and not one but two models!

Cartier Santos Dumont from the Fine Watch Making collection

The Rise And Fall Of Fine Watchmaking At Cartier: It’s Been Surprisingly Complicated

While the Collection Privée Cartier Paris was the definitive illustration of a time of forgotten elegance, the Fine Watch Making Collection, despite its extremely high quality and finishing, became one of the best examples of a disaster in the trend of pretentious haute horlogerie of the last decade. So what’s going on with Cartier’s high watchmaking division now?