Which Rolex Models Might Become Future Classics? Watchbox’s Tim Mosso And Mike Manjos Answer That Question With Analytics And Trends (Video)

Which Rolex models will be most sought after by collectors in the future?

That’s not a trick question. And Watchbox’s director of media Tim Mosso and global head of trading Mike Manjos are here to answer it for you in the second episode of the second-hand specialist’s new video series “Around the Crown.”

Watchbox actively tracks fluctuations and trends in the market, which led to the creation of “Around the Crown,” a video analysis of Rolex collecting and admiration.

The Rolex GMT-Master II, a future classic as well?

This episode is dedicated to future classics from the Rolex catalog. So Tim and Mike discuss the Air King, the Milgauss Z-Blue, the Cellini Prince, and the Yacht-Master II before settling on those to best collect with future gains in mind – and don’t be surprised when you hear the names of a few under-the-radar, low-volume models.

Which Rolex pieces do you think will be most popular 20 years down the road? I have a prediction or two . . . which unfortunately doesn’t include the beautiful Cellini collection, which collectors seem to disregard all too often.

Just don’t listen too closely to Mike’s pronunciation of “Eisenkiesel” . . . 😊

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13 replies
  1. John Schmidt
    John Schmidt says:

    Have a white gold day date “bark” model! Inheritance….brand new! What it worth? Have to fly Germany to pick it up?

  2. Tam O' Banter
    Tam O' Banter says:

    A far better article would be
    “Which Rolex will it become possible to buy in the normal way we buy everything else: at RRP, whenever we want?”

  3. Chipper Righter
    Chipper Righter says:

    Hi Elizabeth,
    Is it possible to purchase a new Rolex without being gouged by the after market pricing? Or, is it better to just wait until that market finally crashes?
    Can you recommend a trustworthy dealer?


    • Elizabeth Doerr
      Elizabeth Doerr says:

      All extremely good and reasonable questions. I would definitely wait until the market crashes It has already crested, and the correction is in progress. The newbies that drove the market to these heights will be divesting…just wait a bit more. In my opinion, WatchBox is a great dealer, especially for tricky stuff like Rolex.

  4. Jeffrey
    Jeffrey says:

    Why the new rolex GMT and Submariner’s out of the basic type and model? To become as one of the most vintage watch rolex have to keep on they are old model types.


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