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Sublime Chambertin Burgundy Wine: “I Forget The Name Of The Place; I Forget The Name Of The Girl; But The Wine Was Chambertin”

Chambertin, one of the truly great names in the world of wine, is an appellation created in 1937. The range of vineyards throughout the region, different makers, and various vintages all provide variations on the theme, but in general these wines tend to the fuller, firmer style of Burgundy. Ken Gargett explains why these wines are so special.

Cohiba Maduro 5: Some Of The Most Faked Cigars In The World (For Good Reason) – Reprise

The Cohiba Maduro 5 consists of three cigars – all using maduro leaf as wrapper, which gives the cigars a much darker, almost chocolaty appearance. These are upper leaves that have been through fermentation but have seen five years’ worth of aging, more than twice the norm. And that’s only part of why Ken Gargett thinks these Cuban cigars are so special.

Lindeman’s 1965 Hunter Shiraz, Twin Bins 3100 And 3110: A Pair Of The World’s Greatest Wines, Still In Glorious Form

In his occasional series on great wines of the world, Ken Gargett tells the story of an extraordinary pigeon pair, Lindeman’s Twin Bin wines from 1965, the Hunter Burgundies Bin 3110 and Bin 3100. Their story is fascinating and includes drought, overproduction, grapes that were far riper than usual when picked, and a mysterious dollop of Pinot Noir. The result is one of the world’s greatest wines.

Primer On The Most Divisive Of All Wines: Sherry – Reprise

One of the wines Ken Gargett brought to a recent wine tasting with friends was a sherry, the Equipo Navazos La Bota de Manzanilla Pasada No 80, Bota Punta. Some among you will have no doubt that such a wine demands Grand Cru status, while others will be horrified at the thought. And so it was at the dinner. But let’s just talk about sherry for a moment, shall we?

Château d’Yquem: Paired Years Elevate The World’s Best White Wine, Simply Magical – Reprise

Ken Gargett thinks that the 2001 Château d’Yquem is the finest young wine he has ever experienced, red or white, and remains convinced that it will go down as one of the greatest Yquems, if not the greatest of all time. But he was also able to experience something else: drinking “twin” vintages of this amazing Sauternes.

Shaken Not Stirred: The Drinking Habits Of 007 James Bond (And Why They Bought 3,000 Liters Of Coca-Cola For ‘No Time To Die’)

“I take a ridiculous pleasure in what I eat and drink,” James Bond says to Vesper Lynd in Ian Fleming’s first 007 novel, ‘Casino Royale.’ And so starts the adventures, not solely libationary and culinary, of one of the great fictional characters in the world. Rarely has anyone, fictional or not, influenced the eating and drinking habits of humanity to the extent managed by MI6’s finest. Ken Gargett takes a look at a few of Bond’s favorite tipples, and there were quite a few.

Chablis: A Top-Class Cru White Wine That Doesn’t Get The Love It Deserves

Why is it that Chablis never seems to get the love it deserves? Why do so many wine lovers, even those who buy and drink Chablis wine, often dismiss it as merely a little sibling of White Burgundy? Ken Gargett considers that no matter where Chablis sits in your perception, it should not be ignored or treated with the contempt of familiarity. Chablis is one of the world’s great white wines.

Lark Rare Cask Series Para100 Whisky: Yes, Tasmania Makes World-Class Whisky

What does Tasmania’s Lark Rare Cask Series Para100 Whisky taste like? Ken Gargett reports an immediate impression of an array of nuts, caramel, apricot kernels, quality chocolate, raisins, dark berries, and a hint of a Christmas pudding doused in maple syrup with unabridged power. A wonderful whisky, not for the fainthearted. For him it’s 98. But the price might make your eyes water, even if the whiskey’s rarity precludes it.