IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr On The 2020 Portugieser Collection, COVID-19, And His All-Time Favorite Portugieser

IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr thinks that the COVID-19 pandemic will have a lasting effect. “The digital proximity we are experiencing right now may have a lasting effect on how we communicate with our customers, partners, and journalists. I think it is likely that we will put an even bigger emphasis on video content in the future.” Not only does Martin Green discuss this topic with the manager, he also discovers Grainger-Herr’s all-time favorite Portugieser.

Wrist Watching: Why New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Will Give His Breguet Marine 5817 To His Daughter

New York governor Andrew Cuomo recently drew attention to his prized Breguet Marine Reference 5817 when, during a press conference in early June 2020, he talked about what his daughter desired for a college graduation gift. “I want something that means something to you,” was her answer. Upon which the politician announced he’d be giving her his watch. Find out why right here!

Monkey 47 Gin: From Failed Watchmaker To Making One Of The Best Gins In The World

When Ken Gargett first heard mention of a gin called Monkey 47, he assumed it must fall very much in the novelty category. Then he tried it and it has been his favorite gin ever since. Here Ken shares the story, more than likely a mix of fact and the apocryphal, of how Monkey 47 gin came to be. And it involves a watchmaker!

Piaget Altiplano Ultimate Concept, The World’s Thinnest Watch: Shaving Microns To Make Millionths

Talking about exceptionally thin mechanics leads us to world-record-holding thin watches, which inevitably leads to Piaget. These days constantly in battle with Bulgari for thinness world records, Piaget has recently released the production version of the Altiplano Ultimate Concept, which now holds the record for thinness at just 2 mm. How is this even possible?

The “big three” recent additions to the author’s collection

Selling Watches To Buy Watches: One Collector’s Story – Reprise

Wouldn’t it be splendid to have everything your heart desired? Well, it’s a nice fantasy but it’s not going to happen for GaryG. And besides, he’s not so sure that the experience of “selling to buy” isn’t actually a significant part, albeit a bittersweet one, of the collecting experience. Find out why here.

Panerai with Rolex movement at auction

Attending An Auction With The Intent To Buy – And What Happened Next – Reprise

Vintage watches are becoming more and more of a subject in our little world of ticks and tocks. So Elizabeth Doerr set out for Frankfurt very early one Saturday morning to meet up with an old acquaintance, vintage watch dealer Ron Geweniger, to attend the Dr. Crott auction and learn a bit of what goes on behind the bidding.

New Iron Walker By Wempe Glashütte: Serious Steel

Wempe Glashütte, the watch brand from Germany’s most famous retailer, has recently introduced a new team to the sporty steel-encased league: the Iron Walker. Sabine Zwettler takes a closer look at the three flagship models at debut.

Vintage Longines with diamond-set bezel

How, When, And Why Diamond-Set Watches For Men Were Commonly Accepted And The Significant Role America Played – Reprise

Post-war United States boasted unique market conditions that allowed for diamond-set men’s watches from a variety of brands to thrive. Martin Green takes us on a journey to discover how and why diamond-set watches for men became part of the American Dream.

Solid performer: Patek Philippe Reference 3939 Tourbillon Minute Repeater

Keep Calm And Continue Collecting: Advice For An Up And Down Watch Market – Reprise

Now, it seems fairly evident that we are on the down slope of either a cyclical correction in prices or, if one takes a less optimistic view, a permanent loss of watch value as the mechanical timepiece industry faces a variety of challenges and potential disruptions. So what’s a collector to do? And what lessons can we draw, both from watch auction results and the history of other luxury categories, to guide us?

Bohematic Graphic Sutnar: Czech Watchmaking By Design

The Bohematic Graphic Sutnar is an homage to Ladislav Sutnar, the most significant artistic figure in Czechoslovakia’s interwar period of modernism. Sutnar was chosen as the historical figure to launch this brand-new micro brand and its first line. However, the Graphic Sutnar watch bears not only the name of the world-renowned artist, but also his unique font for the numerals. Find out what all that means right here!