Dish by Niki Nakayama from the Netflix series Chef's Table

How Contemporary Haute Horlogerie Stacks Up Against Contemporary Haute Cuisine: Netflix’s ‘Chef’s Table’ Offers Tasty Lessons

Contemporary watchmaking has been making waves in the generally calm waters of traditional watchmaking for nearly two decades and has radically changed perceptions as to what haute horlogerie might be. But watching the superb Netflix series ‘Chef’s Table ‘ and contemporary haute cuisine, I can’t help but wonder if the pioneers and leaders of contemporary watchmaking are doing enough.

Akrivia Chiming Jump Hour

Akrivia Tourbillon Chiming Jump Hour: Manifest Destiny Or Gut Feeling?

Like every other Akrivia timepiece the Tourbillon Chiming Jump Hour includes a beautifully delicate tourbillon whirling away at 6 o’clock. Akrivia tourbillons are already becoming known for their fine cages and slender profiles, and the balance wheels inside share these characteristics. I love complicated mechanisms that require multiple views to fully grasp all of the detail, but sometimes it’s just so delightful to gaze upon something simply aesthetically pleasing.

You Asked For It: Out-Of-This-World Video Of Miki Eleta’s BY 21Dez12ME Interstellar Clock

When we published ‘Inspired Interstellar Exploration: Miki Eleta BY 21Dez12ME Starship Clock’ a couple of weeks ago, quite a few readers requested video to better appreciate how Miki Eleta’s horological sci-fi fantasy worked. We heard you! So here by popular demand is a video of BY 21Dez12ME having just landed with a bang on earth.

The mind-blowing BY2112ME by Miki Eleta

Inspired Interstellar Exploration: Miki Eleta BY 21Dez12ME Starship Clock

What you are about to read is a work of fantasy directly inspired by the incredible horological work and details of Miki Eleta’s BY 21Dez12ME clock. “The chief navigator paused and checked the coordinates against the holographic star chart surrounding the cabin, suddenly realizing that the starship called ‘BY 21Dez12ME’ was, to put it delicately, astonishingly lost.”

The mind-blowing BY2112ME by Miki Eleta

Photo Caption Competition No. 19: A Horological Fairground

Believe it or not, this Rube Goldberg/Jean Tinguely-style contraption is actually an astronomical clock by A.H.C.I. member Miki Eleta that displays retrograde minutes, jumping hours, day of the week, a three-dimensional moon phase, and world time. And it’s all regulated by Eleta’s own constant force gravity tourbillon with chronometer escapement.

But the question I’m asking here is: what might this assembly of gears be and/or be doing if it wasn’t a clock? Please leave your ideas (fun or funny also welcome) in the comments.

Korona K3 Northern Stars Black Enamel from Stepan Sarpaneva

Objects Of Desire: Independent Watches At Baselworld 2016

It is with a bit of trepidation that I turn my attention to independent watches from Baselworld 2016 that are now on my “desire” list; we’ll see whether any of these watches from Sarpaneva, Grönefeld, Voutilainen, Akriva or even Renaud & Papi make it onto my wrist as a result! In the meantime, enjoy these gorgeous timepieces.

Belier Reverse by Kim Djapri

Clockwise, Sunwise, & Reverse: Introducing The Bélier Reverse By Kim Djapri

Kim Djapri, a watchmaker with Lang & Heyne and boutique manager at Tempus Arte in Dresden, exhibited at the A.H.C.I.’s Baselworld 2016 booth a micro-brand and a timepiece all his own. His new brand Bélier is the banner under which his new watch, christened Reverse, has been built. This watch is perfect allegory for reflection in a timepiece.

Dan Spitz in a former life as a heavy metal lead guitarist

Video: Dan Spitz Of Anthrax, Watchmaker

Thrash metal rocker Dan Spitz has had an interesting life that has seen him go from being the co-founder of Grammy-nominated band Anthrax to becoming a noteworthy watchmaker. This three-minute video by Great Big Story really tells his story in a cool, compact way.

Dilip Sivaraman and Gato

How And Why To Build A Clock: Gato Long Clock By Dilip Sivaraman, AHCI Young Talent Finalist 2016

Meet 38-year-old Dilip Sivaraman from India, who entered the 2016 Young Talent Competition sponsored by the AHCI, F.P. Journe, and Horotec, where he was a finalist. Sivaraman had started out wanting to fix an antique clock he had bought, but ended up making his own clock, called Gato, escapement and all.

Baselworld 2016 Round Table: What We Liked And What We Didn’t Like

Please join our Quill & Pad round table discussion on Baselworld 2016. This time we take on some of the same topics that GaryG and his collector group use to the discuss their impressions of a watch fair: best of show, worst of show, watch you would buy with your own money, watch you would buy if money were no object, investment watch, patronage watch, fun watch, and a fantasy money no object watch.