Interview with Singer Reimagined Co-Founder and CEO Marco Borraccino: History, Present (the excellent Divetrack), and Future

Marco Borraccino began working on Singer Reimagined’s first model back in 2014. He launched the Track1 in 2017, which won the Prize for the Best Chronograph at the 2018 GPHG.
Since then, three more collections of timepieces have been added to the Singer Reimagined portfolio: 1969, FlyTrack, and in 2024 the Divetrack.

Back in Black: 3 Watches with Black Dials from Patek Philippe, Hublot, and Omega

Recent years have proven particularly colorful in the world of watches, but black is definitely back. Here Sabine Zwettler highlights three charismatic examples putting black in the spotlight. The dark side has never looked so bright!

The Case Against Watch Lume: It’s Weak Sauce and Here’s Why

Tamim Almousa has always maintained that lume is the least impressive part of any luxury watch. If you want to get a sense of just how unimpressive it is, try explaining it to a layman and see how long you last before inevitably describing it as “glow-in-the-dark paint.”

New Release: MB&F Legacy Machine Sequential Flyback Dual Chronograph

In an interesting twist, Stephen McDonnel, the developer of the MB&F LM Sequential, initially envisaged the left side chronograph as a flyback chronograph, however, due to the number of technical issues to resolved, decided it would be safer to save that for a later version: and here it is. And with two flybacks!

New Release: Armin Strom Gravity Equal Force Ultimate Sapphire Purple

Armin Strom’s Gravity Equal Force collection continues to grow with the 2024 launch of the Ultimate Sapphire Purple model.

The “big three” recent additions to the author’s collection

Selling Watches to Buy Watches: One Collector’s Story

Wouldn’t it be splendid to have everything your heart desired? Well, it’s a nice fantasy but it’s not going to happen for GaryG. And, besides, he’s not so sure that the experience of “selling to buy” isn’t actually a significant part, albeit a bittersweet one, of the collecting experience. Find out why here.

Unlikely to inflict pain: A. Lange & Söhne’s Datograph

Living Beyond Your Means as a Collector: How to Avoid Getting Hurt

When collectors gather anywhere and talk about their collections, recent purchases, and executed or potential sales, there’s a term that comes up more often than not: “getting hurt.” Here GaryG provides a masterclass in how not to get hurt in the world of watch collecting.

De Bethune DB28xs Purple Rain

In low light conditions, the De Bethune DB28xs Purple Rain seems to have a nice, deep hue, but when taken into the light, preferably sunlight, it really comes to life.

Breitling Watches: The Resurgence and the Georges Kern Effect

Breitling needs no introduction. Just on hearing the name you can already picture their watches. But the brand was in trouble and Georges Kern has appeared to turn it around. Raman Kalra explains how.

Breguet Connects the Dots between Art and Time at Frieze New York

Breguet was an engineer, an astronomer and also a designer. He adapted certain techniques to horology, such as guilloché, for example. The art of Breguet is in the details, in the finishing, and the artworks at Frieze are also all about the details … an artwork is something you have to look at multiple times, and each time, you’re going to discover different things.