De Bethune DW5 Armilia: Science Fantasy Turned Horological Reality

The De Bethune DW5 is supposed to be, as its name suggests, a fantasy object, a dream of sci-fi splendor. Out of all the Dream Watch editions, though, the DW5 is by far the most fantasy inspired and has a good claim on being simply perfect.

Breguet tourbillons being prepared for assembly into movements

How It’s Made: Inside The Breguet Castle Of Complications – Reprise

Few get to check out Breguet’s factory from the inside, and those who do generally don’t get to take photographs of what they see. This modernized factory in the heart of the remote Vallée de Joux with its many annexed hallways, secretive doors, and interesting manufacturing capabilities has long been a jealously guarded secret. Elizabeth Doerr reveals what’s behind the doors at Breguet.

Qlocktwo W39 in black and steel

Word For Word: Qlocktwo Presents A New Approach To Telling The Time – Reprise

The very cool thing about Qlocktwo’s timepieces is that they spell out the time every five minutes using a typographic indication with letters: so instead of “7:30,” the time on a Qlocktwo “dial” quite literally reads “it is half past seven.” Sabine Zwettler finds this eminently intriguing! You probably will too.

What song does it play: tantalizing grooves on the aesthetic disc of the Harry Winston Opus 14

Harry Winston Opus Series: A Complete Overview From Opus 1 Through Opus 14

Since the Swatch Group took over Harry Winston, a continuation of the Opus series has been somewhat in doubt. But in 2015 the Opus 14 finally arrived. And now it has been quietly said that an Opus 15 is on the way. Which makes this a great time to look back on the groundbreaking series.

Tutima M2 on the author's wrist in Bora Bora (photo courtesy Sadry Ghacir)

Tutima M2 Pioneer In Bora Bora, Tahiti: An Aqua-Terrestrial Review (Somebody Had To Do It!) – Reprise

“The M2 Pioneer is a pilot’s watch,” Gustavo Calzadilla, Tutima’s U.S. president, stressed to Chris Malburg, explaining that it was not meant to be a diver’s watch. “True,” he countered. “But how often do watch fans ever get into the cockpit or strap on a scuba tank and jump into an 30-degree, gin-clear lagoon?” And that is just what Chris did. Dive in with him right here!

5 New Bronze Timepieces From Tudor, TAG Heuer, Bell & Ross, Hentschel Hamburg, And Oris

Bronze, an age-old material used since antiquity, has had quite a run as a case material in the world of luxury watches in recent years. Whether its bronze case changes over time or keeps its pristine appearance, these five debutantes from 2019 each have an unmistakable charisma all their own.

Worldtimer vs. GMT: Jaeger-LeCoultre Polaris Chronograph WT vs. IWC Pilot’s Watch Timezoner Spitfire

Do you need to know the time in various time zones? What is the real difference between a worldtimer and a GMT watch? How complicated are these watches to use? Chris Malburg answers these questions and more after spending some quality time with two enchanting multi-time zone watches.  

4 Watches Perfect For A Horological Detox From Nomos, Hermès, Chopard, and Zenith

A horological detox means going back to simplicity. Just the basics: time-only, preferably in a stainless steel case and fitted with a strap, not overly thick or large, and dial functional in design. These are not attention-grabbing watches, but the perfect choice to start the new year with.

Oris Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115: Going Full Monty

The mechanical diva on the stage of the Oris Big Crown ProPilot X Calibre 115 movement is the big kahuna itself: the extremely large mainspring visible at 12 o’clock, which provides more than 10 days of power reserve. And quite a bit more according to Anders Modig.

19 Watches And Events That Defined 2019

This past year has been a big one, and Joshua Munchow thought it might be good to go back over it and see some of the launches that defined 2019. Here are the watches, an indicative trend, and the biggest highlights that demonstrated what 2019 was all about.