Friendship and Watches: Chick-Lip!, a 23-Piece Limited Edition of Customized Vintage LIP watches as a gift for Friends

The 23 vintage LIP watches in this article are not for sale: they were made for friends and are based on wristwatches from the late 40s and early 50s from the LIP brand. Thomas Brechtel shares this story of passion.

Abraham-Louis Breguet Souscription Pocket Watch No. 1836, dated 1807: Touched (perhaps) by The Hand of the Horological God Himself, I’m Jaded No Longer – Reprise

This Breguet souscription pocket watch number 1836 was created just after the French Revolution in 1796 and was sold in 1807 for £600. A testament to the quality of the movement’s design and the skill of its watchmaker, after more than 200 years it still runs impeccably today, which makes it the perfect role model for Breguet’s modern Tradition line.

Clark Gable Wears The Coolest Watch Of 1955 In ‘Soldier of Fortune’: Patek Philippe Reference 1526 Perpetual Calendar – Reprise

Like a proper gentleman, Hollywood legend Clark Gable paired wristwatches to go with his outfits both on and off screen. Gable had a gold Rolex Oyster Perpetual Reference 6011 and also wore a Patek Philippe Reference 1526 Perpetual Calendar, prominently seen in ‘Soldier of Fortune’ as Nick Gould highlights here.

Why I Bought It: Vintage Mathey-Tissot Type 20 Big Eye Chronograph – Reprise

This is the story of GaryG’s pursuit, and eventual capture, of a classic vintage watch: a Type 20 “big eye” flyback chronograph manufactured by Mathey-Tissot.

The World‘s First Pilot’s Watch: Cartier Santos-Dumont 1904 to 2018 – Reprise

George Cramer looks across more than one hundred years of evolution of what may well be called the world’s first pilot’s wristwatch: the Cartier Santos-Dumont.

Vanessa Redgrave’s Rolex Reference 5513 Submariner with Explorer Dial: Could it be The Female ‘Paul Newman’ Daytona? – Reprise

Are there special vintage watch dial variations named after notable women in a vein similar to that of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona? Nick Gould was wondering just that and researched. Finding a photo of Vanessa Redgrave wearing a Rolex Submariner Reference 5513 with “Explorer” dial in 1966, he ruefully opines that this rare model would sound so much cooler as the Rolex “Vanessa Redgrave” Submariner rather than what collectors call it now: Rolex Reference 5513 Submariner with Explorer dial.

Montblanc Villeret 1858 Vintage Chronograph Reviewed by Tim Mosso

Topside, Montblanc’s 43.5mm Vintage Chronograph sets the stage for its marvelous mechanism within. A mother-of-pearl crown insert confirms that this watch is an image-builder for the larger house of Meisterstück.

Did I Abuse my Vintage Rolex Oyster by Painting the Dial? It’s Wild!

With Martin Green’s collection evolving, He decided to spice up his vintage Rolex Oyster with a colorful polka dotted dial.

The Superbia Humanitatis watch created by Louis-Elysée Piguet, Franck Muller, and Paul Gerber (photo courtesy Dr. Magnus Bosse)

The Ongoing Saga Of The World’s Most Complicated Wristwatch: Superbia Humanitatis By Louis-Elysée Piguet, Franck Muller, And Paul Gerber (Plus Video) – Reprise

The Superbia Humanitatis Louis-Elysée Piguet/Franck Muller/Paul Gerber super complication is one of the most legendary watches of our time. And what a story! And here it is in its entirety: from 1892 when Piguet made the movement through 1992 when Franck Muller altered it, all the way through the present day when Paul Gerber modified it three more times to make it the most complicated wristwatch in the world.

IWC Portofino Perpetual Calendar Reference 3541: An Oft-Forgotten Eternal Gem – Reprise

IWC is a brand with a rich history, and it is in the fortunate position that each of its collections has an almost equal share in building this history. The Da Vinci Perpetual Calendar, developed by IWC’s master watchmaker Kurt Klaus, was a horological revolution. And from it came this elegant Portofino variation of the 1990s.