Jaeger-LeCoultre Geophysic Universal Time in polished on the wrist

Asking You: Advice Wanted For Collection Starter On Which Jaeger-LeCoultre Pre-Owned Under $12,000?

Oleg would like to start a collection with a Jaeger-LeCoultre watch and his budget is $6,000-$12,000. What should he buy? We ask readers for suggestions.

Louis Cartier Jumbo on the wrist

The ‘Unknown’ Cartier Tank: The Louis Cartier Jumbo

The Tank Louis Cartier Jumbo, which was available in the 1970s, is the only Tank Louis Cartier equipped with an automatic movement, Caliber 170, However, what really appeals to George Cramer is the Jumbo’s perfect size, coming neatly between the Classic and XL models.

Vintage Eberhard & Co. Les Quantiemes on the wrist

Vintage Eberhard & Co. Les Quantièmes: A Complete Calendar At A (Relatively) Affordable Price

In all the years that Martin Green has been active in the watch world, he has grown very fond of a wide variety of brands. Among these is Eberhard & Co. What he likes about this brand is that it has established itself over the years as a very consistent performer, highlighted by the vintage Les Quantièmes complete calendar that he recently acquired.

Heuer Autavia 30 1968-1971 Manual Wind Chronograph page 111 of 'Chasing Time' by Alistair Gibbons

Book Review: ‘Chasing Time’ By Alistair Gibbons, A Compendium Of Vintage Watches

The vintage watch train keeps rolling right along – in great part thanks to enthusiast authors like watchmaker Sébastien Chaulmontet (who co-wrote ‘Chronographs for Collectors’) and vintage forum owner Alistair Gibbons, who has just published a book on vintage watches called ‘Chasing Time.’ Find out much more about the book right here.

Rolex GMT-Master Reference 6542 (photo courtesy Bobs Watches)

First Rolex GMT-Master, Reference 6542, And Why The Gold Version Is Much More Desirable

In recent years, the Rolex GMT-Master with its multi-time zone display has become one of the most desirable Rolex watches to own. And the very first GMT-Master, Reference 6542, is easily the rarest and most sought after of all the vintage GMT-Master references. Especially in the version we show here.

IWC Caliber 89 seen under the back cover of this Mark XI (photo courtesy of Watch Club London)

Exceptional Movements In History: IWC Caliber 89

When it comes to selecting a watch for the purposes of getting the job done, there are three qualities that must be looked for: simple, robust, and reliable. And no movement can be more greatly heralded on all three qualities than IWC’s Caliber 89 according to watchmaker Ashton Tracy.

The Louis Moinet Compteur de Tierces

Louis Moinet Compteur De Tierces: The World’s First (Known) Chronograph (Archive)

The Louis Moinet compteur de tierces is one of the most remarkable finds in horological history in an extremely long time: it was the very first chronograph ever made.

Vintage Jaeger "Panda dial 4 ATM"

Vintage Watch Restoration: Should You Or Not? A Guide To The Oft-Controversial World Of Making Things Worse By Trying To Make Them Better

Deciding whether or not to restore a vintage watch is a tough decision to make. The internet is awash with tales of watches butchered by an incompetent independent watchmaker or, worse still, the brand itself. Even more confusing is deciding which options offered should be accepted. Refinish the case? Change the hands? Replace the crystal? Here is some help for you.

Ikepod Megapode

Ikepod Megapode: Marc Newson’s Smartest Watch (And Perhaps My Smartest Rolex Trade)

Ikepod launched in 1994 without a history, so co-founder and designer Marc Newson could create his own playground. and that is exactly what he did. And there is no better example of his joyful design than the Ikepod Megapode launched in 1999.

Longines Heritage Military (photo courtesy Dr. Magnus Bosse)

Fauxtina: A Faux Vintage Faux Pas

Ashton likes vintage watches so much that his prized possession is a 1978 Rolex Submariner Reference 1680. Why does he love this watch so much? Not because it looks like it’s from 1978, but because is from 1978. So, he asks, is the current vintage trend something we should all be wholeheartedly embracing?