Behind The Scenes Of High Watchmaking: A Visit To Agenhor (Video)

Our friends at The Watches TV visited Agenhor and have published a very interesting video with a behind-the-scenes visit at the Meyrin (Geneva) workshop. Enjoy the video!

A brace of Patel Philippe Reference 5196 Calatravas

The Death Of The Dress Watch: Is It Time To Write Its Obituary?

As the resident gentleman of Quill & Pad, I feel that the time is soon approaching to write an obituary announcing the death of the dress watch. It is not that we didn’t see this coming, nor is it an isolated event, but it still hurts.

Ulysse Nardin Stranger 'Quaumi Tarana' on the wrist

Ulysse Nardin’s Anthemic Stranger Now Plays Pakistani ‘Qaumi Tarana’

At a time when the launch of a limited edition by one brand or another seems like an almost weekly occurrence, the Ulysse Nardin Stranger Anthem, which plays the Pakistani national anthem ‘Quaumi Tarana,’ is well worth attention.

Rolex Yacht-Master

Why People Buy Watches

People buy everything – from toasters to cars and, of course, timepieces – for every kind of reason. In this article, Chris Malburg consults three of the savviest watch retailers he knows to help explain the behavior patterns of customers considering a watch purchase.

Roger Moore wearing Seiko Diver in A View To A Kill

How Rolex And Cartier Stole Seiko’s Groove In James Bond’s ‘A View To A Kill’

In previous James Bond movies, 007’s Seikos were equipped with homing devices, explosives, ticker tapes, and even full-color displays to receive camera transmissions. The watches worn in ‘A View To A Kill’ had none of that. In fact, you need to be very fast with your remote control to pause the movie at just the right time to even see the watches Roger Moore wears as the world’s most famous fictional spy.

Ming 19.01

Ming 19.01 By Ming Thein, Unparalleled Quality For Price

The name Ming Thein should be instantly recognizable (seriously) to any ardent purveyor of all things horological, and his new brand, Ming, has made a name for itself in record time. The new 19.01 features an exclusive Schwarz-Etienne 100-hour skeletonized movement, a stunning design, and an exciting glimpse into what we might expect in the future.

Chopard Imperiale

Can Men Wear Women’s Watches? And If So: What, Where, And When?

Martin Green explores if there are any women’s watches that a man could wear. And by “wear” he means wearing with self-esteem intact and looking good while doing so!

Jaquet Droz Tropical Repeater

Jaquet Droz Goes Paradise Lush With The Extraordinary Tropical Bird Repeater (With Video)

Jaquet Droz draws on its long history in automata to continue the line of what is certainly the brand’s most complicated work of art in the modern era, creating what is basically a short film: ‘The Jungle Book’ comes alive on the new Tropical Bird Repeater’s dial!

Fabrizio Buonamassa, Bulgari’s head of watch design wearing an Octa Automatic

10 Highlights From Dubai Watch Week 2017 (Plus Video)

Here are 10 things that caught our eyes at Dubai Watch Week 2017.

The light reflections on the deep blue dial reveal the embossed little sailboats on the Ulysse Nardin Marine Diver Artemis Racing

Can We Still Take Limited Editions Seriously, Or Is That Already A Rhetorical Question?

Limited editions used to be a rarity, but they started to become more popular in late 1980s and early 1990s, almost like a snowball rolling down a hill that gets bigger and bigger. Can we still take them seriously?