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Yes, You Must Declare Your Watches: Arnold Schwarzenegger held at Munich airport and Pays Taxes and Fine for Undeclared Audemars Piguet Watch for Charity

Arnold Schwarzenegger recently flew into Munich Airport en route to his native Austria with a Audemars Piguet watch that he planned to auction at a charity gala for organized by his climate foundation. However, he didn’t declare the watch to customs officials – ouch!

Patria Brigadier Tourbillon Subscription Edition: A Beautifully Hand-Finished, Swiss Made Tourbillon for 18,000 Swiss francs is the Bargain of the Year, perhaps the Decade! – Reprise

Love them or hate them, one thing that most collectors know is that tourbillons are very expensive. That’s all changed with Patria’s Brigadier Tourbillon Subscription Edition costing ‘just’ CHF 18,000 for a beautifully hand finished Swiss Made tourbillon.

Why I Bought It and My Horological Journey to Buying a Vincent Deprez Tourbillon Classique Souscription Edition – Reprise

Alex has been a serious watch collector for decades, but it’s only in the last few years that he has focused his attention to independent watchmakers. Here he shares the story of his collecting journey and why he bought a Vincent Deprez Tourbillon Classique Souscription Edition

Complete Guide to Type 20 Pilot’s Watch Chronographs – Reprise

Type 20 is a specification by the French Ministry of Defense for the standard-equipment pilot’s watch chronographs. Unlike German pilot’s watch specifications, those for the French Type 20 are not clearly documented but are rather based on common characteristics shared by various manufacturers. Bhanu Chopra explains what makes these watches so sought after and goes through the main models and characteristics.