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My Vote For The 5 Ugliest Watches Ever

As the saying goes, “There’s an ass for every seat.” I still find it so hard to believe that some watch designs are ever even considered, much less actually produced and ultimately purchased. In fairness, the following list may not actually contain the five ugliest watches ever, but they sure aren’t easy on the eyes.

Montblanc For BMW Centennial Fountain Pen

Montblanc For BMW Centennial Fountain Pen: Celebrating The BMW 7 Series Jubilee Edition Next 100 Years

Beginning in September, a Montblanc for BMW Centennial Fountain Pen will accompany each of the 100 new BMW 7 Series Jubilee Edition The Next 100 Years autos purchased at BMW dealerships. The distinctive design of the car’s Merino leather interior is replicated on the intricate grid design of the pen’s cap and barrel. What else is special about this writing instrument? Read on to find out.

De Bethune DB25L Starry Sky on the wrist of Mo Coppoletta

The Collector’s View: Tattooist Mo Coppoletta On Watches (Archive)

“Whether collecting art or watches, when I fall in love with something, then I need to understand, I need to research deeply,” Mo Coppeletta explains. “You may have taste, but if that isn’t backed up with knowledge then it is superficial.” Read on to discover how Mo got into collecting watches and which are his favorites.

Mechanical Symmetry, But To What End? Caption Competition #32

Attentive readers may have already noticed “Roland Iten” engraved on this prototype device, a name synonymous with mechanical luxuries for gentlemen.

But what on earth is this device for? It isn’t for holding windows open, I checked.

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Lebeau-Courally Le Comte

Lebeau-Courally: From Gunsmithing To Haute Horlogerie

Founded in 1865 by Auguste Lebeau in Liège, Belgium, Lebeau-Courally was then first and foremost a high-end hunting rifle manufacturer. So how did it get to the watch sector? Read on to find out.

Close look dial side of the Arnold & Son UTTE Skeleton

The Ute’s A Beaute: Arnold & Son UTTE Skeleton

At Baselworld 2016, Arnold & Son unveiled the UTTE Skeleton ultra-thin tourbillon, a new world record holder and a darn good looking watch. Discover how Arnold & Son did more with less to make this the thinnest skeleton tourbillon watch on the market.

Ticking away: Fonderie 47 Inversion Principle in white gold

Forget Ploughs To Ploughshares: Fonderie 47 Transforms AK-47s Into Haute Horlogerie (Archive)

“A mechanical Swiss watch was the first thing on the drawing board for Fonderie 47,” says co-founder Peter Thum. “Work on this project had begun even before I filed the papers to set up the company; I knew that it would take us a long time to do this and it would be pivotal for us to make this watch.”

A Kryptonite Watch? Caption Competition #31

At Baselworld 2016 I heard whispered rumors at the A.H.C.I. booth of a meteor with mystical powers. I dismissed the chatter as just another watchmaker fairy tale, until one night when I was led to a thick lead safe with just one item inside: a fragment of meteorite. My question to you this week: what has been cut out of the meteorite and what powers might it bestow on its wearer?

Alexandre Meerson Altitude Officer with small seconds

Alexandre Meerson’s Altitude Collection: Skeptical To Believer

l was highly skeptical before my first presentation of the Alexandre Meerson Altitude. This felt like a small new brand wanting to waltz into a market dominated by venerated old names with sky-high reputations. Good luck with that, I thought. To my surprise, though, I was quite impressed by the sense of dramatic subtleties and eye for detail these watches display.

The Béjart Ballet is supported by Jaquet Droz

Why Jaquet Droz’s Support Of The Béjart Ballet Is Important In The Larger Scheme Of Things

I had the extremely good fortune to be a guest of Jaquet Droz at a stunning Béjart Ballet performance in Tokyo in late 2014, where I became a huge fan of the extraordinary troupe. But why do I find it so important for luxury brands to support the arts? Jaquet Droz and the Béjart Ballet provide an excellent example.