The NAWCC (National Association of Watch & Clock Collectors) in Pennsylvania runs regular courses on how to service a watch

Reduction In Wait Times For Watch Servicing Repair And The Disturbing Reality Of What It Means For You

It’s no secret that customers are frustrated with the time it takes to get things done in the watch industry and are making a lot of noise. But be careful what you wish for because the watch industry seems to be listening, with companies employing procedures to drastically reduce service delays. But there’s a dirty downside to it, which Ashton Tracy uncovers here.

Longines Heritage Military (photo courtesy Dr. Magnus Bosse)

Fauxtina: A Faux Vintage Faux Pas

Ashton likes vintage watches so much that his prized possession is a 1978 Rolex Submariner Reference 1680. Why does he love this watch so much? Not because it looks like it’s from 1978, but because is from 1978. So, he asks, is the current vintage trend something we should all be wholeheartedly embracing?

Rain or coffee?

Wake Up And Smell The Coffee: “Effective” Marketing Doesn’t Have To Mean “Expensive” Marketing

On a recent trip to Bordeaux to check if they were still making decent plonk (yes, job done), I noticed a small coffee shop near my hotel doing a roaring trade day and night despite being tucked away on a small side street. I decided this had to do with its street advertising, and it made me think that watch marketing managers could wake up, smell the coffee, and make us smile more!

Not in GaryG’s collection: the Rolex Daytona 116595RBOW introduced at Baselworld 2018

The Bling and I: Collecting Jeweled And Decorated Timepieces

Watch collecting should be fun! Yes, it’s important to show the proper respect for the designers and makers of the watches we all love, but at the same time I think it’s completely appropriate to go beyond somber and traditional daily watches and give a bit of free rein to one’s desire for more flamboyant timepieces.

Greubel Forsey Quadruple Tourbillon in red gold with blue dial

Parting Thoughts (22 Of Them) From Baselworld 2018

As I arrive home exhausted from the extravaganza that was Baselworld 2018, but still running on enough residual adrenaline to get words out, I jot down a few of my thoughts from the fair while they are still fresh.

Ace X NOMOS Orion 100 Years of De Stijl

Come On, Nomos, The Ace x Nomos Orion 100 Years Of De Stijl Is Really Just Taking The Mickey

I read my colleague Martin Green’s article on the Nomos Orion de Stijl in Ace Jewelers x Nomos: Celebrating 100 Years Of ‘De Stijl,’ first with interest then with incredulity. And while I’ve used the term “taking the Mickey” in the title here, I really meant something else. Find out what about this limited edition should have been noticed by everyone!

Why We Are In A Golden Age For Appreciating Superlative Hand-Finishing In Wristwatches (Archive)

If fewer people appreciate superlative hand-finishing, then fewer will pay for superlative hand-finishing, so there is likely to be less superlative hand-finishing on offer. Appreciate away!

Patek Philippe 40th Anniversary Nautilus Date in platinum

Debunking The Myths About Platinum

Only the most expensive, and often also the most complicated, watches are fitted with platinum cases. But should this be the case? And, most importantly, is this true? Martin Green takes a closer look at the myths and truths of platinum.

Unique Voutilainen Masterpiece Chronograph II commissioned by the author

Living Beyond Your Means As A Collector: How To Avoid Getting Hurt (Archive)

When collectors gather anywhere and talk about their collections, recent purchases, and executed or potential sales, there’s a term that comes up more often than not: “getting hurt.” Here I provide a master class in how not to get hurt in the world of watch collecting.