History Of Ferrari Watches: Girard-Perregaux Pour Ferrari

In this non-chronological multipart series called “History of Ferrari Watches,” Elizabeth Doerr takes us through a comprehensive look into the Girard-Perregaux Pour Ferrari collaboration, which took place between 1993 and 2004 and culminated in the Girard-Perregaux Pour Ferrari Tribute to Enzo Ferrari Tourbillon with Three Gold Bridges perpetual calendar chronograph.

Bulova Accutron

Quartz Watches: Past, Present, But No Future? – Reprise

Nothing can stir up the watch world these days quite as much the launch of a new Apple watch. For some it’s a must-have gadget, for others it just isn’t a real watch. But quartz watches face perhaps more competition from smartwatches than mechanical watches. Does quartz even have a real future?

History Of Ferrari Watches: The Unlikely Story Behind The Cartier Formula Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari liked watches. And as Ferrari became more successful, merchandising became a thing. To protect both the name and reputation of his brand, Enzo struck a deal with Cartier that led to the Ferrari Formula collection by Cartier. Here Martin Green goes quite in-depth with the subject, even raising a holy ghost.

Dresden Semper Opera Five-Minute Clock — The Inspiration For A. Lange & Söhne’s Large Date — Celebrates 180th Anniversary

The 180th anniversary of Dresden’s famous Semper Opera takes place on April 12, 2021. Home to the Saxon State Opera and the Saxon State Orchestra concert hall, the historic building also features the innovative Five-Minute Clock, which was the inspiration for A. Lange & Söhne’s now iconic large date. Sabine Zwettler shares the story behind this clock and how it inspired the most powerful visual element of A. Lange & Söhne’s Lange 1.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms Documentary: Story Of The World’s First Diving Watch (Video)

‘Fifty Fathoms: The History as Told by the Pioneers Who Created It’ is a fast-moving, 30-minute documentary recounting the development of the world’s first diver’s watch told by the people who created it. Even non-divers are quite likely to enjoy this video.

Women’s History Month: 4 Fascinating Horological Stories About Women In Watchmaking

“The watch industry today would be nothing without women,” Elizabeth Doerr notes as the majority of watchmaker benches in watch factories are “manned” by women. Women were also responsible for the very first wristwatches; the world’s first doctorate in horology went to a woman (Dr. Rebecca Struthers); and the now-safe lume glowing on your watch came about thanks to the dangerous (and deadly) work of both Marie Curie and the Radium Girls.

Radium Watch Dials And Radium Girls: Who Would Have Thought ‘Eating’ Radioactive Material Was Deadly? – Reprise

One of the last of the so-called Radium Girls passed away at the age of 107 in late 2014. These were women working in factories tasked with painting the numerals and other markings on watch dials with a luminous paint comprising glue, water, and radium powder. Little did they know the consequences this job would have.

Khanjar And Qaboos Rolexes: Are They The Vintage Watch Industry’s Blood Diamonds? (Updated With New Information)

Increasing demand for timepieces, especially Rolexes, with the Omani emblem is understandable given the high quality, good condition, demonstrable provenance, and rarity of most of these watches, combined with the fact that they had often been presented to their first owners in the 1970s by Sultan Qaboos in person as a token of gratitude for services rendered. Colin Alexander Smith takes a very close look at the meaning behind these rare timepieces and in this updated version of the article debunks one theory behind the dial symbol.

Steve McQueen wearing a TAG Heuer Monaco in the film Le Mans

RIP Don Nunley, Property Master Of Steve McQueen’s Heuer Monacos: Exclusive Interview

Back in the 1970s, Steve McQueen was the king of cool: he was a world-famous movie star and a prominent racecar driver. So it’s no surprise that the Heuer Monaco he wore in the film ‘Le Mans’ instantly became a hit. But what happened to the Monaco models used on set and where are they today? Chris Malburg interviewed the now-deceased prop master to find out.

Vineyards for Port wine growing in the Alto Douro

5 Things You Should Know About Port Wine But Probably Don‘t, Including Why You Don’t Want To Know The Bishop Of Norwich – Reprise

There are a plethora of places to see in Porto − the city center is a UNESCO World Heritage site − but one absolute must for wine aficionados is to spend a couple of hours across the river Douro in Vila Nova de Gaia visiting a Port house and tasting the wines. Follow me on such a journey . . . saude!