New Release : Absolutely Stunning Louis Moinet ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ Unique Piece Collection

Art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination. Usually, the artist has a message that they hope that their art conveys, but sometimes the art (if it’s good enough) overwhelms the intended message. Ian Skellern experienced that with the Louis Moinet ‘Around the World in Eight Days’ Unique Piece collection.

Fleming Series 1: A Superb New ‘Six-Eater’

The world is again another watch brand richer, as recently, US-based but Swiss-made brand Fleming launched its first collection.

M.A.D.Editions ✕ Jean Charles de Castelbajac ‘Time to Love’

With the M.A.D.Editions ✕ Jean Charles de Castelbajac ‘Time to Love’, not for the first time, nor I expect the last time, Max Büsser has surprised me. This time by making all previous editions of the hitherto bonkers looking M.A.D.1 look boring.

MB&F Legacy Machine FlyingT Onyx Edition: Perhaps the Best FlyingT Yet

As the FlyingT is an MB&F it does things differently. This starts with its stacked movement. A significant part of the gear train is placed on top of each other and topped off with a flying tourbillon. But it’s that black dial that makes it absolutely stunning!

Äonic Automat: A New German Brand Makes an Impressive Debut

While the Äonic Automat is a jump hour, it jumps in an interesting way and the case design is very innovative.

New Release: MB&F LM Perpetual EVO Blue

In 2015 with the launch of LM Perpetual. Irish watchmaker and movement designer extraordinaire Stephen McDonnell reinvented the previously breakage-prone perpetual calendar complication and LM Perpetual transformed MB&F from a serious design-led boutique brand into a very serious horological brand.
Now MB&F has introduced LM Perpetual EVO BLUE, in titanium with light blue dial plate.

New Release: Louis Moinet Astronef Techno Unique Piece Featuring Two Flying Tourbillons and a Eye-Catching Iridescent High-Tech Silicon Wafer Dial

The ever-changing colors of the silicon wafer dial on the Louis Moinet Astronef Techno are not caused by light reflections but by iridescence. This is the phenomenon of a surface changing color as the angle of view or the angle of illumination changes. But there is much more to this unique piece watch than a stunning dial.

Nomos Orion Neomatic 41 Date New Black: Minimalistic with a Lot of Details and all for a (relatively) Affordable Price

In Martin Green’s opinion, one of the most incredible qualities of Nomos is that they know how to make a small detail have large impact. The Orion Neomatic 41 Date New Black has hands and the numerals on the date disc in gold and that makes a big statement.

Konstantin Chaykin Wristmon Zebra Unique Piece Featuring First In-House Micro-Rotor Caliber K.33.3 Movement

Konstantin Chaykin has designed, developed, and manufactured his own automatic movement, caliber K.33.3, which features a tungsten micro-rotor. The movement makes its debut in the unique piece Zebra Wristmon.