Sorry Guys, Size Does Matter: You’re Gonna Need a Bigger Wrist and Other Things your Watch Retailer Won’t Tell You

When it comes to looking dope, one can never be too careful. This can be limiting if your wrist is on the smaller side. Tamim Almousa explains the importance of a good fitting watch.

‘Making Time’ Film: A Cinephile Review By A Watch Lover – Reprise

Joshua Munchow was not expecting the feature documentary film ‘Making Time’ to be such a moving reflection of the human condition, but it just goes to show that the best documentaries are really just mirrors of ourselves.

19 Things you Didn’t Know about Ian Skellern: James Bond, Austin Powers, or Walter Mitty? Tall Tales or True? A Christmas Conundrum

After a chance remark at Dubai Watch Week, Ian Skellern reflected on if he had had a sufficiently interesting life. Here he shares a few anecdotes to let your decide if he’s more James Bond, Austin Powers, or just a wannabe Walter Mitty.

Is this A. Lange & Söhne Double Split movement the best of all?

Not Just Pretty Faces: A Collector’s Personal View of Notable Movements – Reprise

GaryG’s thoughts have turned to one major system that is always there, but generally hidden from sight: the movement. Here are a few of his favorites and why. And in the philosophy of putting my money where my mouth is, these movements have appeared in one or more watches that he has owned personally.

Top 20 Watch Brands by Geography: What Your Region Says About You

Raman Kalra enjoys exploring different trends within the watch market. One topic he hasn’t considered until now is how geography plays a role in tastes. And here he does just that.

TAG Heuer Mikrotimer Flying 1000

Top 5 Least Useful Horological Complications: And They Are Still Awesome – Reprise

In the real world, some complications are pretty useless. And that’s not saying they aren’t cool. Here Joshua Munchow runs through his top 5 most useless complications and why they are simultaneously cool.

Complete Guide to Type 20 Pilot’s Watch Chronographs – Reprise

Type 20 is a specification by the French Ministry of Defense for the standard-equipment pilot’s watch chronographs. Unlike German pilot’s watch specifications, those for the French Type 20 are not clearly documented but are rather based on common characteristics shared by various manufacturers. Bhanu Chopra explains what makes these watches so sought after and goes through the main models and characteristics.

11 Things You Don’t Know About Tim Mosso

As anyone who has seen Tom Mosso talk in his numerous (6,000+) podcasts or a horological seminar, he has a prodigious memory for watch reference numbers and details. But there’s much more to Tim’s brain than that as Ian Skellern explains.

Mythbusting: 3 Persistent Patek Philippe and Rolex Myths Debunked – Reprise

The rise of the internet, and the consequent evolution of the watch-watching community, has inevitably amplified the phenomenon whereby certain objects have come to exert an extraordinary hold over the collective imagination. Here, Colin Alexander Smith debunks three watch myths circulating widely and freely online and in print concerning former French president Nicolas Sarkozy’s Rolex and Patek Philippe, the Khanjar Rolex Sea-Dwellers, and what in fact Sir Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay were wearing on their wrists as they summited Mount Everest.

Extra value: Tiffany-dialed Rolex Daytona “Paul Newman”

Hello, Newman: A Collector Looks Askance at the Cult of the Paul Newman Rolex Daytona – Reprise

For watch lovers, the name “Paul Newman” is associated first and foremost with Rolex, and in particular with a subset of that brand’s Daytona watches with specific dial characteristics, including a recessed outer seconds track and subdials that feature block-shaped hashmarks and Art Deco-style Arabic numerals. But what does this nickname mean for these references on the vintage market? And what does GaryG think about it?