Philippe Dufour at his bench from the film "Timepiece"

’Time Piece’ Featuring Philippe Dufour And Vianney Halter: If You Only Watch One Film On Independent Watchmaking, Watch This One – Reprise

The short documentary film ‘Time Piece’ features two of the world’s best living watchmakers, Philippe Dufour and Vianney Halter, and provides excellent insight into what makes the watches by these masters so special.

Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Black Panther: Fun Or Fail? (Video)

Can a serious watch manufacture get away with producing such a “gimmicky” timepiece as the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Concept Black Panther? Serious and gimmicky are not mutually exclusive, but they were posed as two different questions in the same breath by Marc André Deschoux of The Watches TV in a special video taking a look at the first timepiece to emerge from the collaborative energy between Audemars Piguet and Marvel Studios. What’s your opinion?

Are You Pronouncing Your Favorite Watch Brand Names Correctly? Here Are A Few That You May Be Getting Wrong And How To Say Them Correctly (Video) – Reprise

The lion’s share of high-end watch brands come from French- and German-speaking regions, so the correct pronunciations of their names are not always obvious or easy. This fun video by our friends at The Watches TV demonstrates the correct pronunciations and highlights a few common mistakes. And it will make you smile.

Roger Federer explains the personal significance of these three Rolexes

Roger Federer Explains A Few Of His Special Rolexes (Video) – Reprise

Roger Federer is a longtime Rolex ambassador, having lent his wrist to the brand since 2001, and as such naturally owns a few Rolex models, both new and vintage. In this video, Federer explains the personal significance of three of his favorite Rolexes.

Roger Federer And The Rolex Datejust Perpetual (Video)

Roger Federer has been a Rolex ambassador (testimonee as the brand likes to say) since 2001. In two recent videos on the Rolex YouTube account, the record-holding 20-time Grand Slam champion, known as the GOAT in tennis circles, thoughtfully explains in his own words what he loves about his Rolex watches.

Cartier Tank Talk With George Cramer And Martin Green: Behind The Scenes (Video)

Martin Green had the pleasure of participating in the Cartier #TankTalk with George Cramer, which saw Cartier’s Amsterdam boutique staff sharing experiences selling these watches on a daily basis and George and Martin sharing how they perceive the different models. This gave everyone more in-depth insights, strengthened by the presence of historic Tank models as well as the entire new Must collection.

Are Women A Game Changer In Watches? A. Lange & Söhne Connoisseur Conversations (Video)

Many women choose to wear men’s watches. But why? And what are women looking for in a watch? More and more female collectors are changing the game. Join the conversation about a highly relevant topic with Beth Hannaway, head of Harrods’s Fine Watches, businesswoman and collector Lung Lung Thun, and Barbara Hans, head of marketing at A. Lange & Söhne.

Professional Watch Journalists Reveal What Makes Them Tick: WATCH-ing Out  (Video)

Many professsional watch journalists may or may not have loved watches when they first started writing about them. But attitudes and personal tastes transform over time, so that some journalists who started in another field may come to love watches more than they ever thought possible. And four of them feature in this Instagram Live video. The overriding question answered is what makes individuals like us decide on what we do, say, buy, collect, and, above all, write?

Hermès H08 Up Close And Personal (Video)

Our friends at The Watches TV spent some time up close and personally with the new Hermès H08, one of the hottest watches to come out during the digital edition of Watches and Wonders in April 2021. Check out the extensive video footage of it here.

The Excellence Of Timeless Design: A. Lange & Söhne Connoisseur Conversations From Watches And Wonders 2021 (Video)

Why have icons like the Lange 1 and the Porsche 911 looked practically the same since first launching decades ago? Here, A. Lange & Söhne CEO Wilhelm Schmid discusses such design icons with Ted Gushue, editorial director of ‘Petrolicious,’ and Wei Koh, co-founder of ‘Revolution’ and ‘The Rake,’ in a conversation presented by Dr. Carl Naughton.