Innovations And Complications In Horology: A. Lange & Söhne Connoisseur Conversations From Watches And Wonders 2021 (Video)

Innovations and complications are what makes A. Lange & Söhne watches tick. Here, Anthony de Haas, head of product development at A. Lange & Söhne, discusses pushing limits and taking watchmaking to the next level with journalist Gisbert Brunner and SJX, founder of Watches by SJX, in a conversation presented by Dr. Carl Naughton.

Women In Watches: A. Lange & Söhne Connoisseur Conversations From Watches And Wonders 2021 (Video)

Sit back and enjoy as Quill & Pad co-founder and editor-in-chief Elizabeth Doerr, freelance journalist Roberta Naas, and Barbara Hans, head of marketing at A. Lange & Söhne, talk with Dr. Carl Naughton about their experiences as women in the predominantly men’s world of mechanical watches.

Watch Collectors Discuss: A. Lange & Söhne Connoisseur Conversations From Watches And Wonders 2021 (Video)

Sit back and enjoy as Quill & Pad resident collector GaryG and Alexandre Ghotbi, director of the Philipps Auctions watch department for Europe and the Middle East, and A. Lange & Söhne CEO Wilhelm Schmid talk about watch collecting with Dr. Carl Naughton in this engaging video.

Blancpain Fifty Fathoms: Story Of The World’s First Diving Watch (Video)

‘Fifty Fathoms: The History as Told by the Pioneers Who Created It’ is a fast-moving, 30-minute documentary recounting the development of the world’s first diver’s watch told by the people who created it. Even non-divers are quite likely to enjoy this video.

De Bethune Kind Of Two Tourbillon: Double-Faced Split Personality With Floating Lugs (Video)

De Bethune highlights that there is more than one way to rotate a watch, using its floating lug system to perfection in the new DB Kind of Two Tourbillon. Look out, Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso! Watching the blue tourbillon escapement beating away in high-def macro video is simply captivating: you’ll want to watch it over and over and over.

Restricted area: Blancpain erotic watch

Warning, Watchporn Inside: Video Of X-Rated Timepieces By Blancpain – Reprise

Classic on the front, party in the back: that about sums up the traditional erotic timepiece. And one of the modern masters of the erotic watch is Blancpain. In this excellent video by The Watches TV, you’ll discover what “hot horologerie” is all about!

Women Talking Watches On “Who Needs A Book Club!”: Men Might Learn Something (Video)

In this first episode of “Who Needs A Book Club!”, Karishma Karer, Sandra Lane, and Elizabeth Doerr discuss buying a first watch, basic at-home care of mechanical watches, how to be taken seriously as a female in watches, and the best watches to gift a man or a women. This is not just for women: men might learn something here too.

‘Keeper Of Time’: Teaser Trailer For Full-Length Documentary Featuring Independent Watchmakers Maximilian Büsser, François-Paul Journe, Philippe Dufour, And Roger Smith

A two-and-a-half-minute trailer was recently released for the forthcoming documentary ‘Keeper of Time.’ The film primarily follows four independent watchmakers: Maximilian Büsser (MB&F), François-Paul Journe (F.P. Journe), Philippe Dufour, and Roger Smith. It also features interviews by scholars in physics, physiology, and philosophy as well as primarily New York City-based watch industry observers, weaving related topics about time into its fabric.

Dubai Watch Week Horology Forum Videos: Pump & Dump, Environmentally Friendly, Conspiracy & Authenticity

While Dubai Watch Week did not take place this year, the popular Horology Forum discussion panels were fortunately held virtually. Here are three videos from it you may enjoy.

The Naked Watchmaker Deconstructs 71-Year-Old Vintage Vacheron Constantin World Time Pocket Watch (Video)

Our friends at The Watches TV entertained a visit from Peter Speake, The Naked Watchmaker, as he took apart a Vacheron Constantin world time pocket watch from 1949 – a feat firmly categorized in the “don’t do this at home” rubric. This World Timer is 71 years old, displays the time in 41 reference cities, is housed in a yellow gold case, and is completely original with all of its original parts and even the dial.