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BMW 750Li xDrive: Advanced Automotive Technology That Even James Bond Approves Of

The 750Li xDrive is a rolling Valhalla of luxury and refinement for you to enjoy in private. Often, people buying the 750Li can afford a Rolls-Royce but simply choose not to – for the same reason they don’t drive a Jaguar XJ, a Porsche Panamera, or a Maserati Quattroporte: too loud and too extroverted. If you think a Tesla is advanced, you haven’t seen what the 7 series can do. Read this to find out.

Piaget Polo S: Outside Its Comfort Zone

The Piaget Polo S shares none of the characteristics that usuallly make the Polo a Polo. It’s almost like when Daniel Craig was introduced as James Bond: he was definitely not the usual gentleman in a suit with a sense of humor, but rather more Jason Bourne’s better dressed cousin.

Jaguar F-Pace: C’mon, Bremont, Let’s See What You Can Do With This

My biggest concern with the Jaguar F-Pace was actually with the styling: Jaguars have always been elegant creatures – and an SUV must be one of the least elegant automobiles there is. But in the capable hands of Ian Callum, Jaguar’s design director, who hates SUVs as much as I do, the result is a car that fits beautifully in Jaguar’s current lineup while maintaining a certain feline elegance.

Alexandre Meerson’s Altitude Collection: Skeptical To Believer

l was highly skeptical before my first presentation of the Alexandre Meerson Altitude. This felt like a small new brand wanting to waltz into a market dominated by venerated old names with sky-high reputations. Good luck with that, I thought. To my surprise, though, I was quite impressed by the sense of dramatic subtleties and eye for detail these watches display.