MB&F Legacy Machine Perpetual in platinum

Why Legacy Machine Perpetual Catapults MB&F Into The Big League

I’m all for evolution, especially continual evolution in watchmaking. However, from time to time we need revolution as well as evolution, and the former is severely lacking. While MB&F’s Legacy Machine Perpetual looks to all intents and purposes like one of the least radical timepieces created in the brand’s ten-year history, make no mistake: it is revolution, not evolution.

The business end of Caran d’Ache's Spirit of Switzerland

Caran d’Ache Offers The Spirit Of Switzerland In An Ornately Engraved Pen

The year 2015 marks Caran d’Ache’s 100th anniversary. And to celebrate, the company has delved into its century-long history and collaborated with a Swiss jewelry craftsman to create the limited edition Spirit of Switzerland, an ornately engraved writing instrument made to last for several lifetimes.

Top Only Watch lot: Patek Philippe Reference 5016A-010

You Are There: Attending The Only Watch Auction 2015 With Patek Philippe

Only Watch, the biennial charity auction on behalf of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy research, has firmly established itself as a landmark event on the watch scene. This year’s sixth renewal of the event, serving as the kickoff for the autumn Geneva watch auction week, saw Patek Philippe donating the landmark piece for the event, a blue-dialed, steel-cased Reference 5016A-010, which hammered for more than $7 million.

The bear in the moon phase is visible on Ming Thein’s Ochs und Junior when it is full moon

Design Your Own Watch? A Collector Explains The Pros And Cons With Ochs Und Junior

I am a passionate watch enthusiast and have been for years, as well as a watch collector (as far as my budget allows).

I have experienced the joy of getting a watch precisely to my liking in a simple, reductionist philosophy with a comparatively pedestrian movement – but including a very interesting complication and aesthetic.

It makes me happy every time I strap it on or look at it. Here is my experience in designing my own watch with Ochs und Junior.

Your author's favorite Rolex Day-Date 40 dial is this quadrant design, here in a white gold case

A Very Rolexy Rolex Discussion: 3 Reasons The Rolex Day-Date 40 Convinced Me

Rolex has never called out to Joshua Munchow as a watch that he must have or that would be the pinnacle of his collection. He thinks that this is because of the downsides to being the most widely known watch brand in the world: copying and overexposure. So what is it about the new Rolex Day-Date 40 that has turned him into a convert? Read on to find out.

The most accurate watch of 2015 as independently certified by the 2015 International Timing Competition was this Tissot Caliber A86.501 with an impressive score of 908/1000 points

Why The International Chronometry Competition Needs To Change Format Or Sink Into Total Irrelevance

A watch for me isn’t just a portable three-dimensional sculpture or piece of kinetic art, it is first − if not foremost − an instrument for telling the time. Like you, I’ve excitedly followed the animated discourse and heated debate after the results of the 2015 Chronometry Competition were announced. Oh, you missed that? Me too.

Greubel Forsey at Dubai Watch Week

Videos Of Dubai Watch Week

The inaugural Dubal Watch Week was organized by the Seddiqi watch retailing group in the Middle East. Here we share a couple of videos of the event by The Watches TV.

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Useful information: the Harry Winston Opus 14 showing the home time and GMT dials

The Harry Winston Opus 14: A Considered Collector View

By now, pretty much everyone who follows horological news has heard about and likely seen images of the Harry Winston Opus 14. Much of the hard data – the 1066 component parts, four separate stacked dials including three interchangeable ones, the formidable 54.7 mm diameter – is already well known. But how does this immensely complicated watch “stack up” after a bit of reflection?

Watchmaking demonstration at the Zenith stand at SalonQP 2014

8 Reasons To Visit SalonQP In London, The ‘Goldilocks’ Watch Exhibition

The sixth edition of SalonQP opens its doors on Friday, November 13 (or even Thursday evening if you’re one of the lucky few attending the opening cocktail party). So here are eight reasons why you might consider making a trip to London’s chic Sloane Square for the UK’s premier watch exhibition, which includes discussion panels, seminars, and even watchmaking classes in addition to more than 50 brands of every shape and size.