Christie’s Rare Watches May 2023 Auction Featured a Patek Philippe Nautilus Tiffany Blue, Gérald Genta with Royal Provenance, F.P Journe Resonance, De Bethune and Much More

There were many surprises in the Christie’s Rare Watches auction in Geneva on May 13. Some satisfying, some disappointing. At a preview held by Christie’s in late March and early April during the Watches & Wonders show in Geneva, Alexey Kutkovoy was able to see and examine several lots in detail. Here are a few of the results that caught his eye.

9 Highlights from the Ineichen Independents 2023 Geneva May Auction

Every year the attention of watch collectors and professionals worldwide is drawn to Geneva, the world capital of the watch auction trade. Ineichen has just held their first Geneva auction and focused on the independents.

T-Rex Dinosaur Plus Urwerk UR-105 Unique Piece Trinity at the ‘Out of this World’ Auction: Featuring the First Complete Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton Auctioned in Europe

The Trinity Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton is the first to be auctioned in Europe. And Urwerk have created the unique piece UR-105 Trinity especially for the ‘Out of this World’ auction in Zurich.

What Recession? Reflecting On The Geneva Watch Auctions Of November 2022

GaryG was unable to attend the November 2022 Geneva watch auctions, but like many of his friends he followed online. Here he takes a look at the results from the “big three” auction houses – Phillips, Christie’s, and Sotheby’s – to discern some patterns and provide knowledgeable commentary.

The Luxury Watch Sale Fellows November Auction: Tempting Offers Spanning All Price Ranges

While it is always interesting to see what the rarest of watches do at auctions, scant few can afford such bidding wars. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the only other option is eBay as Fellows highlights with its Luxury Watch Sale.

My Top 6 Independent Watches From The Upcoming October 29 Ineichen Auction ‘Complications: Skeletons & Tourbillons’ (With Videos Of The Watches)

“Complications: Skeletons & Tourbillons” is the title of the upcoming Ineichen two-part watch auction on October 29 and December 3, 2022, and it’s a title that attracted Ian Skellern’s attention. There are 50 watches in the auction, a nice mix of both big and independent brands, so it’s well worth scrolling through the online catelogue, especially if money is burning a hole in your wallet because you can’t find a retailer with stock.

Kudoke Real Skeleton Starring In Feature Film ‘Last Looks’ Heads To Auction

While watching television, Ian Skellern spied a Kudoke Real Skeleton in a feature film called ‘Last Looks’ starring Charlie Hunnam and Mel Gibson. That watch is now being auctioned in New York in December. Here’s its backstory.

Fellows Timed Auction: Accessible Watches And Perhaps The First Omega x Swatch Moonswatch To Appear At Traditional Auction

Fellows auction house is still something of a hidden gem, so if you look hard you might find incredible bargains. The author herself has gotten very lucky here, once even managing to find a timepiece that she had long been searching for at an unpredictably good price. See what you can find in the next timed auction!

Ineichen: Europe’s Oldest Watch Auctioneer Progresses Into The 21st Century

Ineichen, the oldest watch-specialized auction house in Switzerland, has canceled its buyer’s premium and is now offering shares in the auction house through a bidding process executed on its own platform. Elizabeth Doerr shares the details of these progressive developments, upcoming online auctions, and more.

Did Gérald Genta Design History’s First Luxury Steel Sports Watch For IWC (And Not Audemars Piguet)?

Has history been rewritten? An early Gérald Genta design made for IWC – regrettably never put into production – suggests so. On June 22, 2022 the not-yet-seen sketch was auctioned by Sotheby’s.