Form follows function: Omega Seamaster “Ploprof” 600m

A Contemporary Watch Collector Goes Vintage with Omega, Patek Philippe and Jaeger-LeCoultre – Reprise

To my longtime friends in the watch hobby, and perhaps to regular readers here as well, the mention of my name may conjure up a number of connotations: patron of the independents, fan of A. Lange & Söhne, admirer of Patek Philippe grand complications, and longtime customer of Jaeger-LeCoultre, among other characterizations more or less favorable. But vintage?

Gumball Rally/Around-the-World-in-80-Days/24 Hours of Le Mans: Here’s a Proposal for a Real-Life International Chronometry Competition that Both Brands and Collectors might Enjoy

Ian Skellern’s suggestion for an International Chronometry Competition is a group of well-heeled collectors – brands/independents are also welcome to participate, but I suspect they will wait to see how it goes – set off from, say, Geneva, but could be New York, Dubai, or Singapore, wearing one or two watches, on a two-week world tour. Here he explains how it might work.

A pre-owned Omega Speedmaster on the wrist (photo courtesy Bob’s Watches)

Decoding Omega References: 14 Magic Digits and Codification Tables Revealed – Reprise

Many watch enthusiasts dream of owning at least one timepiece by Omega. And maybe even a second or a third. The Swiss brand definitely ranks among the most popular watch firms. To give you an idea of the overwhelming variety in the current Omega watch world, Sabine Zwettler has put together a guideline for reference numbers.

The Urwerk UR-105 features bright color, but is that enough?

Here’s Why a Watch Strap is More Than Just an Accessory – Reprise

A watch strap is the ubiquitous “accessory” to a wristwatch that can completely change a person’s feeling about said timepiece. A strap is the single most functional component on a wristwatch that you interact with. Joshua Munchow takes a closer look at why that is true.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Grande Reverso Ultra-Thin 1931 with chocolate dial and complementary leather strap

If Shoes Make the Man, then the Strap Must Make the Watch: Watchmaking and Leather, A Love Story – Reprise

Many premium watch brands look for that certain “extra element” to get ahead of the competition, and one hot item is straps. If it is true that shoes make the man, then the strap must make the watch.

Behind The Lens: Ming 20.01 Series 2 AgenGraphe Chronograph – Reprise

The Ming 20.01 Series 2 AgenGraphe Mosaic chronograph was only made in a series of eight prototypes for early backers of the brand. Happily for collectors including Chuck, a modified Series 2 version of the 20.01 did subsequently go into production, and thanks to his kindness GaryG is able to present it to you here.

Friendship and Watches: Chick-Lip!, a 23-Piece Limited Edition of Customized Vintage LIP watches as a gift for Friends

The 23 vintage LIP watches in this article are not for sale: they were made for friends and are based on wristwatches from the late 40s and early 50s from the LIP brand. Thomas Brechtel shares this story of passion.

Parting shot: Patek Philippe Reference 3940P-027

Why I Bought It: Patek Philippe Reference 3940P-027 Vintage Collection – Reprise

November 2018 marked a personal horological high point for GaryG as he took delivery of an “unobtainable” watch, the Patek Philippe Reference 3940P-027. Gary shares his reasons for buying this rare timepiece with us here.

Dial Restoration: Aesthetics or Functionality? How to Decide – Reprise

Most will agree that re-painting a dial is a big no-no. Vintage pieces with re-painted dials can be had for a steal as they are difficult to shift and mostly unwanted. But not all dial restorations are created equal, and we do encounter varying degrees of “upgrades.” Some of these upgrades are purposeful deception, while others are not. Here is what one watchmaker feels about the subject.

Why I Bought It: Kudoke Flieger Concept (KFC) – Reprise

Bhanu Chopra picked up his unique piece Kudoke Flieger Concept from Stefan and Ev Kudoke over lunch at their favorite steakhouse in Dresden, Germany. Here he describes how and why he fell in love with this unique one-off timepiece and what makes Kudoke’s watches so special in general.