Seiko Credor Reference GXBE998 Pocket Watch dial and back

Seiko’s Credor Turns 45 – And Celebrates With Incredibly Detailed, Engraved Reference GXBE998 Pocket Watch

The Seiko Credor GXBE998 pocket watch’s “secret” is an engraving that celebrates life. The brand’s artists honor Credor’s 45th anniversary with something truly unique: a three-dimensional hand-engraving of the tree of life, which is a significant concept in both the Shinto and Buddhist religions.

Omega 19-ligne pocket watch revival worn by Eddie Redmayne

The Current State Of The Pocket Watch: It’s Better Than You Might Think

Derek Weinberg is of the opinion that the pocket watch has always been a timepiece of great elegance, capturing attention and becoming a great subject of discussion and intrigue. What is the current state of this timepiece style, though? Find out right here.