Vacheron Constantin’s second most complicated pocket watch in history: the King Farouk I

Give Me Five! Vacheron Constantin’s Five Most Complicated Pocket Watches Ever

Vacheron Constantin’s history has been filled with extraordinary, complicated, and elegant timepieces.

In honor of the introduction of the world’s most complicated timepiece on September 17, 2015, let’s stroll through the annals of the horological history books to take a gander at the five most complicated pocket watches the traditional Genevan “maison” has produced throughout its 260-year history, beginning of course with the record-holder itself, Reference 57260.

Vacheron Constantin Reference 57260

Vacheron Constantin’s Reference 57260 Is The Most Complicated Portable Watch In The World

Eight years ago, Vacheron Constantin began building a mechanical work of art destined to become the world’s most complicated watch under the aegis of its bespoke watch division.

Atelier Cabinotiers offers connoisseurs the chance to commission a custom-made watch according to their own tastes and designs (but within the boundaries of the brand’s style). Reference 57260 came into being thanks to one of the world’s foremost collectors, a great connoisseur of horological art. This collector specifically requested that Vacheron Constantin create world’s most complicated timepiece for him.

The two faces of the Vacheron Constantin Tour-de-l'ile

How Vacheron Constantin Celebrated Its 250th Anniversary In 2005

As we approach Vacheron Constantin’s 260th anniversary, which is set to be celebrated on September 17, 2015, I would like to take a brief look at the epochal timepieces that the brand brought out in 2005 in honor of its first quarter century. Vacheron Constantin is one of the very few – and certainly the oldest – Swiss watch company to have manufactured its timepieces consistently without interruption over the entire course of its long lifespan.

Patek Philippe_Ladies First chronograph

Two Exceptional Cushion-Case Chronographs For Women: Patek Philippe Ladies First And Vacheron Constantin Harmony Chronograph Small Model

In my wildest dreams, I never thought I’d be writing about two different cushion-shaped chronographs made especially for women. This is a particularly enjoyable exercise for me as the two chronographs I examine here are by two of the most traditional watch manufactures at work today: Vacheron Constantin and Patek Philippe. So, how do they differ?

Vacheron Constantine Harmony Chronograph Small

Vacheron Constantin’s Harmony Collection: Poetry In Chronographic Motion

By now it’s hardly a secret that the biggest brand anniversary celebration in 2015 belongs to Vacheron Constantin. Harmony is the name of one of the most important collections that the 260-year-old brand has launched in recent years, and the reasons for this are clear: five of the these seven Harmony models are in-house chronographs, and all seven boast immaculate design inspired by one of the brand’s first wristwatches from 1928 in a cushion-shaped case.

The alarm winder/activator is discreetly concealed flush in the crown

Vacheron Constantin Reveals Elements of ‘Most Complicated Watch In The World’ For 260th Anniversary

In honor of the manufacture’s 260th anniversary, Vacheron Constantin will present a new special order masterpiece on September 17, 2015 the company has called “one of the greatest man-made objects in the world.” Here we take an early look at a sampling of what is in store.

Vintage 1950s Vacheron Constantin Reference 6087 chronograph

Vintage Watch Snobbery Or How I Met Your Mother

Standing before my eyes was the most perfect of God’s creatures, a wonderful mix of Audrey Hepburn and Penelope Cruz. I think my heart skipped a beat, and I heard the chimes of every single minute repeater Patek Philippe had ever created – all chiming at exactly the same time! Six months later the gentle creature and I were married. This extraordinary story reflects the marvelous world of vintage watches: finding the rare bird, linking it to a story, and never letting it go.

Vacheron Constantin Harmony Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph: Conquering Childhood Fears

The Ultra-Thin Grande Complication Chronograph is part of the new Harmony line that Vacheron Constantin launched at the 2015 SIHH in Geneva in honor of its 260th anniversary. As the crown jewel of the collection, the Grande Complication Chronograph shows some serious style, mad mechanics, and a feature that brings back oh-so-many memories of standing in fear while friends have a blast at the carnival. And that has made this a new favorite for me.

Jaquet Droz's Petite Heure Minute Relief Goats

Happy Chinese New Year With Goat Watches By Jaquet Droz, Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin And Arnold & Son

Here we present four quite different styles commemorating the 2015 Chinese Year of the Goat with beautifully decorated dials by Jaquet Droz, Ulysse Nardin, Vacheron Constantin, and Arnold & Son. Shhhh…if you listen carefully you might even hear them bleat!

The first working prototype from the La Garde Temps project

Collectors Speak: Picks And Pans Of SIHH Week 2015

For the past five years, I’ve had the delightful experience of traveling to Switzerland with several friends to experience SIHH week, before finishing up with a Friday night dinner at which we review our impressions of the week by answering what watch we thought was best of show at SIHH; what was the worst watch; what current-production watch that we saw at any event during the week would we buy if money were no object; and what current-production watch did we see that we would buy with our own money?