Breitling Mulliner Tourbillon in the Bentley Bentayga

The Bentley Bentayga: You Will Love The $160,000 Dashboard Clock Option

Bentley created the Bentayga as the ultimate SUV, whose base price of just about one-quarter of a million dollars does not include several important and very luxurious extras that include removable tablets ($7,155), replacement of wood trim with carbon fiber ($28,500) . . . and the automatic Breitling for Bentley Mulliner Tourbillon ($160,000).

Alexia Masseron (far right),“Mademoiselle Diane par Longines,” most elegantly matched her outfit to the steel-and-diamonds Longines DolceVita she received; Eddie Peng and jury president former Miss France Sophie Thalmann awarded it to her

You Are There: The 167th Prix De Diane Longines In Chantilly, France

Horse racing is really about elegance – the way the animals move as they gallop, the dressed up day out for the spectators, and of course the hats. For many at Chantilly, the day is more about fashion in the grandstands than the jockeys and fillies giving it their all on the track.

Caption Competition No. 25: Now That’s A Pothole!

This photo was taken in what was then Zaire, but is now the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), and it highlights what happens if a small pothole is not repaired . . . it just keeps getting larger and larger until it can literally swallow trucks whole. What other stories can you suggest for this photo? Please share your suggestions in the comments.

Grayson Tighe Series 5 for Blancpain

Blancpain’s Pen Pal: Canadian Pen Maker Grayson Tighe

A watch brand adding writing instruments to its repertoire is not breaking news, but it is notable when a company focuses the same amount of attention and care on its pens as it does on its watches. Such was the case when almost ten years ago now, Blancpain engaged Canadian pen designer and maker Grayson Tighe to produce its writing instruments.

Axl Rose on stage

HYT Watches’ Vincent Perriard Talks About New ‘Brand Friend’: Guns ‘N’ Roses’ Axl Rose

To say that I was excited when I received the news that HYT had hooked up with Axl Rose is an understatement. For me, this news just clicked beautifully into place in my head: HYT with its rock-and-roll attitude and Axl Rose, the at times controversial front man of Guns ‘N’ Roses and now AC/DC. Hell yeah, this makes sense! Let me tell you why.

Ouchhh!!! This Rolex Submariner has seen better times

5 Unexpected Ways You Might Damage A Mechanical Watch

Timepiece repairs can be expensive and often take a long time, so you generally want to avoid damaging a watch. It’s obvious that throwing your watch against a wall, running over it with a Bentley, or smashing it with a hammer are things to to avoid. However, not everything that can damage a watch is so obvious, so here I list five common things you may not be aware of that can damage a watch and how to prevent them.

Caption Competition No. 24: Which Way Is Front?

The car is a prototype by Pininfarina for Lancia from 1957 called the “Florida II” and it was the personal car of Mr. Pinin Farina for many years. This was one of the most influentially stylistic cars of its era. But why on earth do the windscreen and steering wheel appear to be at opposite ends of the cabin? What might this car really have been designed for?

Parting shot: Romain Gauthier Logical One in white gold

Romain Gauthier’s Ingredients Are The Best Basis For A True Value Recipe

Romain Gauthier, the young owner and founder of the independent luxury watch brand of the same name, has worked in horology all his adult life. This fact is not inconsequential: it explains the basis for his vision of watchmaking, which starts with the “ingredients” of a watch: the components themselves.

Montblanc Artisan Edition Homage to Wassily Kandinsky Limited Edition 3

Wassily Kandinsky Limited Edition By Montblanc Brings Abstract Art To Life

Montblanc is known for a variety of annual limited edition collections lauding renowned figures of history and art. But this new Artisan Edition pen honoring Wassily Kandinsky is designed to not only turn the spotlight on the Russian-born artist and his abstract work, but also the highly trained craftsman at Montblanc who are responsible for this sculpted, gemstone-set fountain pen.

Photo Caption Competition No. 23: Urwerk Phone Home

On the wrist is a diamond-set Urwerk UR-106, but what’s going on with the Vulcan finger meld? Might it be Urwerk’s latest winding system with power transferred through finger tips? What do you think is happening in this photo? Leave your fun, funny, or sarcastic caption in the comments!